Saturday, April 19, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 99 through 105

So obviously, this post is a little late.

For whatever reason, Friday hit this week and I completely had spaced that it was even Friday.  I've been working on a few side projects that have totally engulfed my spare time {hello, crickets on the blog otherwise!  I promise I'll get back here soon!}.  Our week was also a little off because DH didn't have to work the Friday before Easter for the holiday, so he was home as well.

Even though I had taken all of my daily photos, I hadn't edited any of them or prepped this post.  And, I think a few of the photos might be out of order?  I can't remember, this week was crazy with weather changes and I can't remember which day was which!  So, oops.  Sorry for the tardiness!

99/365: I seriously just love so much how these two play together now.  And also this weather!

100/365: I don't know what it is about baby hats, but for whatever reason these hats and their first pair of toddler shoes when they really start walking hold such a special place in my heart.  Both of these hats are for sure ending up in the keepsake boxes I keep for the kids!

101/365: Pure joy - in the form of a curtain peekaboo game.

102/365: Little Lady loves to crawl up on Little Man's toddler bed and just play/sit/read/relax lately.  She's fantastic at getting in and out, which makes me feel a bit more comfortable mentally with the fact that I'm sure {as our resident high motor baby} she will be our crib jumper at some point in the future.

103/365: Jell-o jigglers in the form of a train from his awesomely adorable daddy?  More toddler joy!

104/365: Those baby eyes!!!  I seriously could just smooch this face all darn day long.

105/365:  And since she has been passing out hard after a long morning of play for naps lately, I've been able to steal just a few sweet sleeping baby photos this week!

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Nurse Loves Farmer

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Peepods Cloth Menstrual Pad Review & Giveaway!

* Disclosure - I was provided items for review by Peepods to facilitate this post.  Opinions are 100% honest and my own!

* Another double disclosure for the queasy or male readers - this is another post about PERIODS.  Walk away now if you need to tune this out.  Lol.

After several long, lovely years of no monthly cycle due to either being pregnant or breastfeeding both of our babies - I finally had a return of my period.  Ugh.  Since that time, I've been researching and trying out more natural options for monthly feminine care - which I have been loving!  {If you're interested in seeing my recent review of the DivaCup - check it out here!}  Today's post, though, is all about the washable, reusable menstrual pads.

Before I chat about that - let's talk about what I despise about typical pads.

#1 - They crinkle.

Nothing like announcing your presence in a pair of leggings or yoga pants like your pad crunching and crinkling in your pants.  Some brands do this more than others, for sure - but I hate that I have to consider how loud a pad is going to be when I make a purchase.

#2 - Speaking of purchasing... they are expensive!

Over a lifetime, one woman can use thousands of pads or tampons - costing TONS of money.  When I was using pads and tampons, I would spend anywhere from $10-20 per cycle on menstrual products.  If we take the average of that at $15, that cost me almost $200 per year.

#3 - It's a huge waste of materials.

If you think about the cost of production {over, and over, and over}, the marketing of these products, and the transportation to deliver them to your store each month, for each woman, for a lifetime - it adds up.  Then let's take into account that you use valuable resources making trips out to pick up these products each month.  And then on top of that consider that a pad comes in a large box or bag and that inside that each pad is wrapped with one piece of plastic, as well as often has another piece of paper attached to the sticky portion, as well as two other pieces of paper if you have a pad with wings - and we're talking a whole lot of waste even before you actually use the pad.

It's a ton of waste for something you're going to throw away as well typically not even a few hours after you've opened it.

#4 - They just don't feel right.

If any of you men are still reading right about now {why haven't you run away?} - to understand the discomfort of a pad, I'd recommend you buy a diaper, pour some liquid into it, and then sit in it for an hour or two.  It's really uncomfortable.  And - I don't know if this is just me? - several pad brands cause me to break out in a rash.  When I was younger it took me a little while to realize that this was directly related to the pads I was wearing during my period, but each month like clockwork I would get a super uncomfortable rash whenever I would break out that old trusty bag of plastic pads.  Gross.

After we had children, the idea of reusable, cloth pads began to sound more and more comfortable to me over time.  I was so over plastic drugstore pads - and it was time for me to be completely done with them.  I mean, we already wash cloth diapers a few times a week anyway - so would washing a few reusable pads really be that big of a deal?

The lovely Amber at Peepods was so awesome to send me a set of her period pads - and I was really excited to try them out!  {Peepods also makes postpartum pads, nursing pads, and incontinence pads as well for all of your mama needs!}

As you can see above, Peepods come in a variety of colors {and sizes!}.  There are pantyliners, day pads, and overnight pads.  One of the features I absolutely love is that the wings are a separate fabric from the actual pad, so that there is no method of leaking from the pad down the wing.  The pads also snap into place around your undies, so there's no need for any adhesive to keep them in place.

Initially, I was concerned about being grossed out with what I saw on the pad - but honestly, I received the espresso color and I can barely see anything actually on the pad.

Once you've used the pad, they fold up and you can snap the wings back around the front to hold it closed.  You can then throw the pads into a washable wetbag.  {The Deluxe Sets of pads from Peepods include a Planetwise wetbag with the set - which is a fantastic addition!}  As I mentioned earlier, I just throw the pads into our dirty diaper laundry, and wash from there.  Outside of DH getting really confused and putting them away with our inserts and doublers - we've had no problems with washing!

I know that a lot of women I've spoken with are a little bit squeamish, and for those I would definitely recommend at least giving a Peepod pad/DivaCup or even Peepod and tampon combo a try.  The Peepods are really fantastic for a stand alone menstrual product, but they're also my number one pick as a liner to wear under my DivaCup on heavier days and would be a MUCH better way to live a little more ecofriendly and a little more chemical-free even if you do still choose to wear tampons!

After reviewing both reusable menstrual cups and pads for the blog - I can definitely say I am completely done with both pads and tampons.  Unfortunately, I have a somewhat large stash of pads and tampons I hadn't yet used.  Each month since receiving the Peepods and DivaCup, I keep telling myself I'll use the tampons and plastic pads - and each month after 1-2 uses of those items I switch back to the Peepods and the DivaCup.  I just can't bring myself to use anything but the reusable stuff anymore!  I am completely sold and if you all have questions beyond what I've discussed in both this and the DivaCup post - please either post a comment or send me a PM!  I'd be happy to help with any of your questions!

Now for the fun part for you all - the giveaway!  Enter below to win a set of three period pads for yourself!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 92 through 98

Okay, I really need to get better at actually taking my camera places.  The last few photos are from my iPhone - so those were on the move.  But most times, I leave the camera at home and totally miss out on photos of us actually doing real things outside of our kitchen/dining room.  I'm definitely going to be working on that in the next few weeks as the weather is so much nicer!

92/365: Little Man has been loving on all kinds of pom poms this week for tot school.  We've actually started to do a few computer games in our tot school routine as well - which he is loving.  Little Man is super into the technology while I prefer the tangible/tactile play for learning - so we meet somewhere in the middle!

93/365:  This sweet baby and her bows, I swear I just melt.  I've been kind of obsessed with Little Lady's bows and have maybe just a few in a ton of colors for her.  She loves wearing bows, glasses, any kind of accessory.  A lot of the time, Little Lady pulls the bow out initially, looks at it for a moment, and then asks me to put it back in again.

94/365: Someone is going to have to hold me - for like a week - when Little Man finally stops sucking his thumb.

95/365: I absolutely love sunsets in our backyard across the cornfields.  The sky turns from blue to purple to this beautiful orange color every single night.

96/365: When did my littler baby get so big?  Seriously, she looks like a kid here!

97/365: My sweet towhead putting together his plane, and then taking it apart, and then putting it back together again.

98/365:  Oh, you know.  Just taking my owl for a walk!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

But... why?

We've entered the inevitable stage of toddlerhood.

Yes, you know what I'm talking about.

The stage where every.single.thing I say is followed by the question, "Why?"

It's honestly not so bad for the first few rounds of questions.  Recently Little Man & I have had a few fantastic conversations about how rain works, how food is harvested, how different appliances in our home work, the differences between babies and toddlers, and many other topics.  After every statement I make, his little voice asks, "Why?" one more time, and because of that we've been able to get really deep into quite a large number of topics.  I can tell that he is listening so very intently, picking out important details, and learning so beautifully.

But then we hit those other conversations where I honestly want to resort to the old tried and true, "Because I said so."  I haven't uttered those words yet, but I'm sure they're coming at some point.

Lately during the more silly conversations, I've been answering question trees that I'm having trouble getting through.  Such as:

"Why do you have to put the applesauce back in the refrigerator?"

"But why will it go bad?"

"But, Mama, why do things spoil that stay out?"

"Why does bacterias get in there?  What is bacterias?"

"But why is my sister done eating it?"

"But why doesn't she want more?"

And so on, and so on, and so on.  Forever.

Well, maybe not forever - but sometimes I just need to put something away.  And I will say, parenting is making me into a sneaky person.  Sometimes I just have to turn my back to the kids and fix something on the opposite countertop in the kitchen only so that I may make a sandwich without being asked a million questions about it.

I will say that I love Little Man's inquisitive mind.  I think that he is such a fantastic child to parent and teach and learn alongside with.  So, I guess - if that means hearing the question "Why?" one hundred and fifty times each day for the next few years - I'm pretty okay with that!

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