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Hi there, I'm Jayne- The Naptown Organizer.

I'm a thirty-something {ack!} mother of two and wife to my husband, DH.  I'm an ephemeral organizer in the nicest of terms - or slightly obsessive clean-freak in a few not so nice words.  Some of my favorite things to do are cuddling my babies, spending time with DH, reading, writing, decorating, and creating.  Our family thrives on simple, calm happiness - and I am so appreciative of that luxury.  But before we talk any more about what the blog is about, let's chat for a moment regarding how we all got here.

During my time at university, I joined the rowing team and began to compete in regattas all around the country.  Thankfully also during that time, DH joined the team.  We met one night playing cards with a group of friends on one of our trips, and became friends ourselves.  After growing our friendship and getting to know each other for about a year, we decided to start dating in the spring of 2004.  There are many, many reasons why I fell in love with DH, but his kindness, deep understanding of exactly who I am, and unconditional support of my dreams, wants, and needs certainly rank high on that list.

After DH graduated with his degree in electrical engineering and I graduated with my bachelor's degree in speech language pathology, we tied the knot in the fall of 2007 amidst the crisp leaves and colors of orange and chocolate browns.  I finished up my master's degree in 2008 and we moved down to Indianapolis to begin work in our chosen professions.  A few years later, we decided that we'd love to begin our own family and started trying to have a baby.

Our first child, Little Man, was born in the beginning of 2011.  Little Man decided that he'd like to enter the world during an ice storm late one night.  DH spent several hours trying to ice pick out a path in our driveway so that we could get into the hospital.  

Little Man is now a bright, sweet, cuddly little toddler who is easier to love every day.  His current loves are any and every baked good {cookies, cupcakes, pie - you name it}, reading, playing in his sandbox, anything construction related, and giving all of his toys {and mama, and dada, and sister for that matter} check-ups with his "telescope" aka stethoscope.  I honestly feel that Little Man's birth taught me to love in a way that I never even knew was possible.  My heart just swells with pride and hope and overwhelming love for this sweet little boy.

In the spring of 2012, we became pregnant with our second child, Little Lady.  Her pregnancy was quite a bit rough in the beginning, and for a little while we weren't sure if she'd decide to stay with us.  

Thankfully, we were extremely lucky {that word doesn't even come close to explaining how fortunate we are} to welcome our second child, Little Lady, into our family at the wintery end of 2012.  Little Lady decided to enter the world during a blizzard, rendering our midwife unable to get to us and our planned home birth turning into a hospital birth at the last minute.  

{Our next baby is going to be a summer baby if we can have any control over that!}

Little Lady's current loves are crawling everywhere {most of the time on a forever search to dump over our bin of clean wet wipes}, being worn in a carrier, eating any and everything we put in front of her, and smiling - at her parents and friends, but mostly at her brother.  She has made our lives so fantastically better and I cannot imagine the world in which she hadn't become a part of our family as an outside baby.

I began The Naptown Organizer blog in the beginning of 2012 as an outlet for my thoughts, words, and ideas.  It began as a simple way to share how I stay organized with a few friends, and has blossomed into the place where I share so much more.  

Some of my favorite topics to write about are my beautiful children and how I parent them, the eco-friendly lifestyle we strive to live, and all those little tips & tricks that help me stay organized and put together as a wife and working mother of two.

I hope you'll settle in, get to reading a few of my favorite posts, and stay for a while.  

Let's get organized, shall we?


  1. I said I would have a summer baby 3 times after the first one. Our children are Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb :-)

    1. That is too funny! Well, we can always try, right? ;)

  2. Hi Jayne!

    I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the ten finalists in Activity Hero's "Next Top Mom Blogger" Contest.

    Check out the list here: http://blog.activityhero.com/top-mom-blogs-contest-finalists/


  3. Hi, I found my way here from the catch the moment 365 group. I'm also a speech pathologist :) I thnk our children are close in age. My son was born 3/2011 and my daughter 12/2012 ( she too has a wipes obsession!) looking forward to following and reading more!

  4. It's crazy how much we have in common... Speech Pathology, cloth diapering, baby wearing, photogragraphy!! Plus you live so close to my internet BFF Candice! :)

  5. Agreed! It's so awesome how through blogging I've met so many great ladies who've turned into real-life friends :)


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