Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air + Convertible Car Seat Review!

*Disclosure - I was provided a car seat for review purposes, but all opinions are honest and my own!

With a quick congrats again to the winner of the Safety 1st car seat giveaway from a few posts ago, I'd love to take a few minutes today and chat about how we're liking our Safety 1st car seat!  When we initially received the car seat, I had been debating which child would be using it.  However, about ten seconds after the SE 65 Air + arrived, Little Man claimed it as his own.

Shouts of, "It's MY NEW BLUE SEAT!" were likely heard 'round our whole neighborhood.

Let's just say he was smitten.

After pulling the seat out of the box, I was also a bit enamored.  The SE 65 Air + had all the features I look for in a convertible car seat, including that it can be used in a large weight range {5-65 lbs, with a rear facing range of 5-40 lbs and a forward facing range of 22-65 lbs}.  I also LOVE the fact that the harness is a no re-thread harness, which means when your child grows in size, you just pull a lever on the back of the headrest and both the straps and headrest move up - instead of having to take the seat out of the car, take the whole seat apart, and put the straps through different holes.  DH also loves that fact, so there isn't any frustrated muttering when the seat needs adjusted every few months.

{Side note: if you are a soon-to-be parent looking for a car seat, BUY one with the NO RE-THREAD HARNESS, like the SE 65 Air +.  You'll thank me for this later.}

No, really.  Whoever installs the seats in your house will also thank me for the lack of frustrated muttering as well!

I also love that the seat comes with a cup holder.  For whatever reason, some car seat companies make seats without standard cup holders and for the life of me I will never understand why.  There is always a toy, removed shoe, baggie of crackers - whatever - in our kids' hands that needs a place to live while in the car.

As far as safety goes, Safety 1st does a few pretty special things with the SE 65 Air + seat.  Aside from the reinforced steel seat frame, LATCH use ability, and 10 position headrest/4 position recline features, the SE 65 Air + features some fantastic additional safety features that go above and beyond the norm.

Safety 1st borrowed ideas from the auto racing industry when creating their Air Protect advanced head cushion system {which protects baby's head side to side during a collision} and their GCell HX patented foam with hexagonal shapes inside the seat to promote superior body safety during a side impact crash.  Even though there are currently no regulations on side impact safety testing, the Safety 1st company put features into place to protect your child on their own accord!

DH did have a little trouble installing the seat, but that was mainly due to our user error and the fact that he installed it with the LATCH system, which I didn't see that until after he'd finished.  Due to the new car seat requirements, since Little Man is 40+ lbs, I very gently reminded him that it needed to go in with the seat belt.  There was a twidge of frustrated muttering, but the install was very fast!

After the seat was installed, Little Man happily climbed on up and in.  And fell asleep.

Clearly a satisfied customer here.
It's really nice as well that when Little Man is all slumped down and sleeping, his head is still supported enough that it's not bouncing around as the car moves.

Overall, I think it's a great seat that offers the same conveniences as some of the higher priced convertible seats in it's category, yet with a much more reasonable price of $189.  We've been using the seat for a few weeks now with only good experiences thus far, and will continue to do so happily!

If you're looking for more information, check out the seat at the Safety 1st product site or learn more about the Indiana-local Dorel Group company here!

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