Monday, July 14, 2014

My early PiYo results {and progress photos!!!}

*This post contains links to my personal business page- because I'm addicted to this program, for sure.  Message me with any questions you all may have! 

Deep breath, y'all.

I recently decided to make a change in my life.

To be totally honest, I really have evolved as a person quite a bit since having children.  I actually have grown to a point where I deeply love my body in all of it's imperfections and tiny details, and I am so thankful for this body that has birthed and fed my two babies for years.  I wear my features proudly, no matter how different they look from a magazine model's body.

With that said, I've also been doing some things to my body that aren't so healthy lately.

Prior to Little Man's birth, I was completely vegan and did quite a bit more exercising than my days have included recently.  Unfortunately after both of our kids were born, I lapsed back into a pattern of very intermittent exercise and was eating much more unhealthy food than I should have been.

And, even more unfortunately, I'd begun to have a lot more aches and pains than I'd had in the past.  Low back pain, knee pain, wrist pain - I had it all.  I have several family members with debilitating back issues, so the back pain especially scared me quite a bit.  To make sure my body was in a place where that didn't become a consistent issue, I knew I had to get my body back into better shape with exercise and better nutrition.

A friend of mine who is a BeachBody coach suggested that I try a new program called PiYo.  I'd previously tried beachbody programs with not the best result.  Because of my knee pain, all the jumping and bouncing around in the program I tried made it physically impossible for me to finish.  I was nervous about all of that, but my friend knew about all my issues and assured me that this was the program for me.

And, man was she so right on.

Since starting the PiYo {a fusion of Pilates and Yoga} program and Shakeology {a seriously filling, meal-replacing, right-up-my-alley, superfood-filled shake that includes ingredients such as quinoa, chia, flax, acai, goji berry, green tea, spinach, kale, spirulina, and so much more - and has vegan options!} a few weeks ago, I've completely noticed a difference in my body.

I have muscles!  And this action-shot outside play moment that DH caught is only after two weeks in!!!

I've lost just under 10 lbs in around two weeks, I have zero back or knee pain while completing the program, my body is actually starting to tone already, and I can for sure say that I've been feeding my body a much healthier diet of vegetables, fruits, vegan and soy-free proteins, and a few eggs here and there.

The food lifestyle change is facilitated by a simple, easy-to-follow plan.  The exercise program is focused on stretch and strength - no bouncing around the room or slamming my knees into the ground.  Simple, uncomplicated exercises are the base of the program with a completely amped up take on yoga that lends to a seriously sweaty, sore-in-a-good-way type of workout each day.  Thankfully, the program offers modifications for every exercise, so no matter the shape you're in, you can do PiYo.

{Seriously.  I have another friend who recently had her knee replaced and is doing this program.  It's awesome!}

At this point in the game, I have some pretty fantastic goals.  I'm realistic that this is not a diet.  It is not a fad exercise program.  It is not a one-shake-fixes-all sort of a deal.  This is a complete change in my day-to-day life.  It's going to take a good amount of time, a ton of effort, and a lot of determination.  But, for the first time in a long time - I'm there both mentally and physically.

Since I've had such fantastic success so far and have realized that PiYo is going to be the program for me to turn my lifestyle back to healthy again, I have signed on as a BeachBody coach.  I'm proud of the changes I'm making both in my eating habits and in my new fitness routine, and want to keep sharing with you all!  I'll be continuing to log my journey here on the blog {complete with before/after PiYo photos once I've finished the 8 week program} and hope you all won't mind walking this journey with me!

Has anyone else considered doing PiYo?  I would love to help you all start a journey back to good health if this sounds interesting - and would love to have some other ladies complete the program with me! 

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