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Keeping it cool - Summer Babywearing Tips & Tricks with Wrapsody!

* Disclosure - I was provided with two wraps from the fantastic babywearing company Wrapsody to facilitate the inspiration for this post!  All opinions and tips are 100% honest and my own!

Oh, summer.

At just the mention of the word I hear children happily splashing around a pool, the ice cream truck coming down the street, and the clink of ice in a glass of crisp lemonade.

Sounds great, right?

Wrapsody WrapDuo in a Front Wrap Cross Carry
For our family, summer tends to be a time where we really get out and about the town.  Trips to the park, play dates, the pool, or even just frequent trips of multiple errands seem much easier and more enjoyable when the weather is warm.

But, as a parent of a young child, summer could also mean trying to push a stroller through grassy fields at the park to follow your toddler, breaking a sweat while attempting to hold your baby in your arms and do anything else at the same time, or having to lug a stroller in and out of your car at every errand along your way.

Don't get me wrong - there are times when I'm glad to have a stroller, but thankfully, we babywear through many of these situations to make life much easier for our family.  That, however, brings on a whole slew of questions from friends, family, and my local BWI-area chapter members.

What are the coolest baby carriers for the summer?

What if baby/I/both of us get hot?  Any tips for keeping cool in our existing carrier?

Are there any options for wearing baby in the pool/lake/ocean?

Let's start by talking about cool baby carriers.  I've found there to be two basic, tried-and-true methods of choosing a baby carrier to keep you and your baby cool - choosing an option with cooler material or choosing an option with less material.

Wrapsody Breeze Orion in a Front Wrap Cross Carry
Babywearing options with more breathable material include things like linen or cotton gauze can be a fantastic choice for light, cool way to carry your baby.  Of the two, I find a good woven cotton gauze to be the lightest in fabric.  Because the the fabric is so thin, you can get away with more layers of a gauze wrap while still feeling as cool as possible!  A pro tip for a gauze wrap, like the Wrapsody Breeze Orion pictured above, would be to carefully spread your fabric or passes while wrapping to ensure a really comfy carry!

{Newbie tip?  If you are transitioning from a stretchy wrap to a woven wrap for the first time, I find woven cotton gauze to be a more forgiving fabric than other woven wrap fabrics for a new learner!}

When considering how to use less material while wearing your baby, you may find the best options to be carriers or wraps with less passes or layers over you and baby, especially for cotton or heavier fabric wraps.  Carries like front cross carry or rucksack back carry place less fabric over you and your baby.

It may also be beneficial to consider the layers you & your baby are wearing.  I tend to dress my little ones and myself very lightly when I know we'll be wearing for a longer period of time.  Typically, on a day out I will have my 18 month old daughter in a light onesie/diaper and myself in a tank top or loose/airy t-shirt and shorts.  Another option to check out is wearing athletic-inspired clothing while wearing your baby.  I've found that athletic tops designed to wick away sweat and stay cool are also fantastic pieces of clothing to adorn while wearing your baby - thus decreasing heavy, bulky, hot layers of material between the two of you.

While we're on the topic of keeping things cool between you & your baby, I recently found an awesome way to stay comfortable by adding one simple accessory to your babywearing routine - a cooling towel.  Construction workers have been using these towels for quite some time, but the idea is that you can wet the towel and due to the materials used to make the towel - it will stay cool for several hours.  When the towel ceases to cool any longer, you can just re-wet it, wring it out, and use it again.  My lovely, thoughtful husband heard me talk about cooling towels and picked one up for me on his next trip to our local hardware store.  I wet the towel, placed it between my daughter and I, and promptly went on a walk with the kids in the hot sun feeling a lot less sweaty and hot.

The cooling towel DH purchased!
One other inexpensive option to stay comfortable is purchasing a keychain misting fan to keep attached to your key ring, belt loop, or purse/wristlet.  That way, when you & baby get warm you can spritz a few mists of cool water through your fan to feel refreshed again!

Speaking of the water...  Babywearing in the water - whether that be a pool, ocean, or lake - also just happens to be one of my favorite ways to carry my children in the summer.

Wearing the Wrapsody WrapDuo in a Front Wrap Cross Carry

For whatever reason, my babies always tend to be very tentative about the water {even the kiddie pool} initially.  Being able to snuggle my babies next to me in a water wrap or sling makes them feel so much more secure and comfortable, and turns a trip to the pool into a relaxing, gentle dip as opposed to a scary, emotion-filled dunk.

While wearing your baby in warm climates or during the hottest months of the year in your area can be different than babywearing in cooler temperatures, there are certainly many options of how to make keeping your baby close comfortable!

What are your favorite warm weather babywearing tips?

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  1. Every time we are at the pool with my very squirmy 17 month old I dream about wearing her so I don't have to constantly battle her trying to escape from my arms. I don't think the YMCA would allow it though :-(


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