Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Playdate Preparation? No biggie!

Recently, as I mentioned in one of my last posts, we've been a little busy.  We've had a lot of park dates, play dates, trips out, classes, loads of seriously fun stuff for the kids.  Prepping for those play dates at our home, however?  Goes a little something like this:

Stay up until midnight the night before cleaning.

Set alarm for a half hour before kids usually get up so that you can get ready.

The next morning, toddler comes into your room 5 minutes before that alarm is supposed to go off.

Set up toddler with cartoon, proceed to get ready.

Brush teeth, possibly put on deodorant, get half-dressed before baby wakes.  

Forgo make-up or brushing hair in order to finish putting on clothes and get baby up.

Nurse baby while toddler continues to watch cartoon while also siting on your lap.

Change diapers and put children in day clothes.  

Attempt to make breakfast.

After breakfast is made, toddler requests something different.

Make second breakfast.

Clean first breakfast off the floor from baby.  

Change baby's clothes again, since she ripped off her bib and smashed her food into her shirt.

And hair.

Clean up kitchen again while baby pulls out toys in living room and toddler eats second breakfast.

Feed dog.

Pour yourself cup of tea/coffee/water.

Drink one drink before dog pees on floor because you forgot to let her out.

Clean dog pee, which luckily was only on the tile and not the carpet.  

Take toddler to the bathroom.

Spend next 5 minutes cleaning toilet again because toddler peed everywhere, even though you just cleaned it last night.

Have one more drink.  

Run leftover bucket of laundry into your room, close door.

Proceed to clean living room again from all the toys pulled out.  

Take one bite of a banana.

Doorbell rings.

Does this sound similar to anyone else?

Thankfully, though, the end result of baby smiles is always totally worth the craziness that occurs just before.

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  1. So, I used to do this. Now, my friends and I know each other well enough that we don't clean up before playdates. It's heavenly!

  2. I used to CLEAN UP before playdates, but doesn't it just GET messy again!? YES, so no cleaning up before playdates, specially toys. I do however, put away toys that would get broken or that "we" don't want missing parts too. I do also clean toddle pee from the seats.


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