Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm parenting kids, people. KIDS!

On the way home from the park today, I realized something.

While for the past three+ years, I've felt like in my mind that I've been parenting my babies, I realized that I am now parenting children.

Somewhere between the museum, the park play dates, the preschool co-op, the pool, and the zoo - it somehow just hit me that my babies aren't babies any more.  We're not on a blanket on the floor with a few toys.  Instead of being wrapped or worn, both of my little ones are now running, playing, interacting.  The days of babies who observe more than participate are over for these two sweet kiddos.

{Well, at least for Little Lady.  Little Man still loves to sit back for a moment first!}

Today while they were playing with friends, Little Man and Little Lady were both real people, with personalities, real opinions, real voices.  They both had preferences of what and where they wanted to play and both found joy in different activities and areas of play.  Instead of being these small creatures totally and fully dependent on me for absolutely everything, they're beginning to learn what it feels like to venture slightly out of arm's reach to find answers to their own questions.

Of course, they are and will always be MY babies - but it seems like it has happened so fast that they're no longer those squishy, newborn-smelling, puddles of love in my arms.  For Little Man, he was only 13 months when I became pregnant with Little Lady.  He was still so much of a baby when I began preparing and planning for Little Lady's arrival that I think it was just seamless in my eyes to envision them both as my babies together.

But now children, they are.

After the car ride home, the naps, the dinner, and the bath time - everyone received a few extra snuggles tonight, and maybe a few happy tears as well!

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  1. I'm painfully aware of this too! Sometimes it's nice because they're entertaining each other. They're explaining things to me. They're interacting. They're actually getting to the point where they are making friends...not just 100% self-absorbed all the time. It's bizarre. But cool.

    1. I agree! You hit the nail on the head, it's really nice and very cool to see them progressing, but bizarre at the same time :) It's hard to change that image of the sweet teeny babies in my head!

  2. It really is the oddest thing how realities of parenting can hit you in a moment! The newborn stage is over in just the blink of an eye. I felt a little scared at the beginning of June when I realized my "baby" is going to be 2 in just a few months. If there was any window allowing me to still think of him as a baby while he's been 1, it definitely feels like that window is closing everyday as he approaches his second birthday :'(.

    I CANNOT believe how fast Little Lady has grown! I swear it was just yesterday she looked like a teeny, tiny, cuddly infant. When the heck did she get so big?!?


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