Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 127 through 133

So I have a new goal for myself.

I may not get my post out exactly every Friday, but I for sure want to keep getting a CTM post out every week.  I don't know why, but actually getting out a post on Fridays has been a little tough lately - even though I am finally starting to feel better again.

This week was full of a ton of cute.  I swear, I know I'm biased - but I just get overwhelmed every day with the amount of cute babies that are in my life all day long every day.

127/365: Since my friend Drea sent me a new shorty wrap this week, I've been practicing lots of new and different carries.  The problem is, whenever I wrap one of the babies, the other immediately wants up.  So, we've also been getting a ton of use out of my Pavo Holly Etini 7 and I've been getting a bunch of lovely tandem snuggles!

128/365: This week, paint has been a huge joy for the kids and we've been doing a ton of fingerpainting and brush painting!  Mostly though, Little Lady's paint ends up on her face, lol.

129/365: The beautiful flowers DH and the kids gave me for Mother's Day are still going strong even to this day - a full week later.  This was a photo I snapped earlier in the week of how pretty the flowers looked.

130/365: Our landscaping was re-done this week as well - which was fantastic for the kids.  We literally played in the office all day long and the kids had chairs set up in front of the windows to watch the landscapers do their work.  I'm glad we finally have some lovely {and low maintenance} plants in that should fill in quite nicely within the next 2-3 years.

131/365: Little Man's soccer practice barely still happened between the weather on this day - and he was only interested in playing soccer for about 10 minutes before he was off searching for birds and bugs, hah!

132/365: This sweet boy and his huge smiles.

133/365: And this girl and her teeny little smile with her big old bow.  I don't even care how goofy I look!

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  1. What great photos!!
    The way you have both of them wrapped in the first photo is amazing and you look so pretty!
    The one of you and your little girl is adorable!
    And those flowers are so neat, do you know what they are?
    Painting mess is just awesome!

    1. Thank you! I have not a clue what the flowers are, but think they might have been spider something?

  2. I wish we could have someone come do our landscaping, it's a disaster!! And you look just as cute as LL does in that photo, ma'am! Don't kid yourself. :)

    1. Thank you! We've lived in this home for at least the past five years, and the landscaping has always been bad. We attempted to do it ourselves last year with really poor result, so this year we finally buckled down and had someone come to do it for us that actually knew what they were doing, lol!

  3. Love the first photo, I wish my three year old would let me wear him sometimes. Every time I ask though he gets upset.

    1. Little Man is quite the mama's babe and seeing me watching a ton of YouTube videos while wrapping Little Lady, he became very insistent it was his turn several times the past few weeks. Which then means Little Lady also HAS to get wrapped in that moment, lol.


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