Monday, May 5, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 113 through 119

And I'm late again.

Fortunately, you'll see in a few of my next Catch the Moment weekly photo post pics why that is - as there are some MAJOR overhauls going on outside our house right now.  We have a backyard project started that probably won't be finished for another week or two and a front yard landscaping project going on currently.  I'm super excited to show you all the updates!

As for right now though, here are this week's photos!

113/365: Little Lady looooves bows.  She literally will bring us bow after bow after bow and want them all in her hair.  On days when she only wears one bow {like when we're out}, she will take the bow out, look at it for a minute or so, and then immediately try to put it back on again until she comes up to me for help.

114/365: These kids are obsessed with watching our street.  Whether it's the garbage truck, the mailman, someone mowing their lawn - whatever.  Sorry, neighbors.  We're creepers.

115/365: I'm borrowing this photo from the make-up Kindermusik class that DH was able to take Little Man to on this Saturday.  Love these guys so much!

116/365: We've been outside a ton since the weather has become nicer.  The kids have been really into a bunch of random buckets we have laying around and mainly just transport sand from the sandbox around the yard.

117/365: On cooler days, PlayDoh has been a huge hit, especially since we purchased one of those little strainer machines that spits out "snakes and spaghettis!"  Lol.

118/365: To move around some of my babywearing stash in order to purchase a new wrap, this lovely Mei Tai had to take a short walk to a loving new family.  Thankfully, I've heard from the mama that her babe is loving it already!

119/365: Be still, my heart.  Little Man was playing in the backyard and picked me the first flower he's ever given to me.  We then had to come into the house directly after to put it in water.  We're still working on the fact that the stem goes in the water and not the top of the flower, but we'll get there :)

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  1. The bow picture! Oh my goodness, so cute. I'm a little sad right now that my Little Lady refuses the thousand bows and headbands I've made her. Hopefully she'll change her mind any day now and want to wear them again.

  2. flowers from our babies are the prettiest flowers ever!! looking forward to the warm weather this week but not the rain this coming weekend :(


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