Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 127 through 133

So I have a new goal for myself.

I may not get my post out exactly every Friday, but I for sure want to keep getting a CTM post out every week.  I don't know why, but actually getting out a post on Fridays has been a little tough lately - even though I am finally starting to feel better again.

This week was full of a ton of cute.  I swear, I know I'm biased - but I just get overwhelmed every day with the amount of cute babies that are in my life all day long every day.

127/365: Since my friend Drea sent me a new shorty wrap this week, I've been practicing lots of new and different carries.  The problem is, whenever I wrap one of the babies, the other immediately wants up.  So, we've also been getting a ton of use out of my Pavo Holly Etini 7 and I've been getting a bunch of lovely tandem snuggles!

128/365: This week, paint has been a huge joy for the kids and we've been doing a ton of fingerpainting and brush painting!  Mostly though, Little Lady's paint ends up on her face, lol.

129/365: The beautiful flowers DH and the kids gave me for Mother's Day are still going strong even to this day - a full week later.  This was a photo I snapped earlier in the week of how pretty the flowers looked.

130/365: Our landscaping was re-done this week as well - which was fantastic for the kids.  We literally played in the office all day long and the kids had chairs set up in front of the windows to watch the landscapers do their work.  I'm glad we finally have some lovely {and low maintenance} plants in that should fill in quite nicely within the next 2-3 years.

131/365: Little Man's soccer practice barely still happened between the weather on this day - and he was only interested in playing soccer for about 10 minutes before he was off searching for birds and bugs, hah!

132/365: This sweet boy and his huge smiles.

133/365: And this girl and her teeny little smile with her big old bow.  I don't even care how goofy I look!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moonlight & Mason Jars Link Up!

Hey all!  This week I'm shaking things up a bit and guest hosting a link up party!  The Moonlight & Mason Jars Link Party is one that has featured my posts previously and one I check out for new ideas myself.  Check out the awesome posts and the link up below!

Moonlight and Mason Jars Link Party Button
Welcome to the Moonlight & Mason Jars Link Up Party #55, hosted by myself, Heather, Jennifer, Ashley & Samantha. We're glad to have you here!

Don't forget that we have ONE new guest host each week. If you're a blogger and are interested in participating, please send a message on Facebook. We average more than 200 link-ups per week, so that is great exposure for your blog. Don't miss out!

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Welcome Jayne from The Naptown Organizer


Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Immense Task of Parenting and Motherhood

A friend recently shared with me her comparisons between parenthood and a job.

Parenthood, she said, is not a shift.  You aren't a babysitter or caregiver - it's a full time job.  There is no time off, there is no vacation, there are no sick days.  There is no lunch break or clock out or clock in.  You're always on.  You're always a parent.

Having my babies has been the most astounding, life-changing, immense thing I've ever done in my life.  I hate to be that guy, but before you actually ARE a parent {yes, even if you have nieces or nephews or work at a daycare or even live with a child that you aren't directly responsible for} - you will never fully understand the extent of being a parent.  You just can't, it isn't possible.  Not until you can hold the little child in your arms that is your own - the one who owns your heart and being in it's entirety.  The moment when your soul literally leaves your body and becomes new in your arms.  The moment when heaven and earth crash together and the world shifts completely and the angels sing and you feel that teeny body in your grasp for the first time.  It is only in the weight of that moment that you can feel the true beauty of this existence.

Parenthood is HARD some days.  Sometimes those hard days are most days.  Between the constant requests, needs, wants, fights, bumps, outbursts, activities, hassle, preferences, and personalities - you may flounder.  Sometimes you wish parenthood were like a job, because then you could take a vacation day and come back renewed and ready to go.  You want to give up, throw in the towel, zone out, and clock out for a while.

I often, often fight those same urges just like every other parent out there.  But then - in those moments - I see my baby.  I stop and breathe.

Deep, long breaths.  Close my eyes and just breathe.  Refocus.  Recenter.

Our children are exactly who they are and exactly who they're meant to be at this moment.  Yes - it is our job to help buff them up a bit to be kind, gentle, decent human beings.  But it isn't our job to innately change who they are on the inside - in fact, that's the opposite of our job.

By seeing who our children are and looking to the motivation and root beneath their desires, needs, wants, and {sometimes incessant} requests, we're better able to meet both their and our needs in that seemingly endless progression of 24 hour shifts - as the days on the calendar blend into months and years.  By taking a moment to breathe before we respond, we're better able to model that kindness and gentle understanding.  We're better able to reflect back what they needed to allow our children to see that we've heard them and we understand their needs.  We're better able to be the best version of ourselves for them.

Because if we see parenthood or motherhood as a job, a shift, a number of hours until clock-out, we're not fully present with our children.  We're just biding time until the next break, the next hand-off, the next moment for ourselves.  While everyone deserves these things at some point, they cannot and will not be my day-to-day focus. As if they are, I'm missing out on the true focus of being a mother and parent - my children.

This Mother's Day, I'm not expecting any grand fanfare for the work I do year round.  While it would be lovely, I'm taking comfort that it exists in the quiet, soft moments between my children and myself.  When my daughter rests her hand on my cheek as she nurses to sleep at night.  When my son is upset and runs to me arms out crying, "I love you, Mama!  Please hold me now!"  When they both snuggle their way into my arms at the same time and hold each other as well as holding me.

Some days {even on the hard ones}, I think that if motherhood were a job -

It would be the best darn neverending job I could ever ask to have in my entire life.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 120 through 126

Because I have pretty much zero energy at this point, today's post is going to be on time but mainly a photo dump.  If I get out of bed and stop drowning in my own secretions by next week I'll finally come back into the world of the functionally living and post a little bit!

Day 120

Day 121

Day 122

Day 123

Day 124

Day 125 - This is the before shot of our sadly lacking landscaping.  Updates to come next week!
Day 126

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 113 through 119

And I'm late again.

Fortunately, you'll see in a few of my next Catch the Moment weekly photo post pics why that is - as there are some MAJOR overhauls going on outside our house right now.  We have a backyard project started that probably won't be finished for another week or two and a front yard landscaping project going on currently.  I'm super excited to show you all the updates!

As for right now though, here are this week's photos!

113/365: Little Lady looooves bows.  She literally will bring us bow after bow after bow and want them all in her hair.  On days when she only wears one bow {like when we're out}, she will take the bow out, look at it for a minute or so, and then immediately try to put it back on again until she comes up to me for help.

114/365: These kids are obsessed with watching our street.  Whether it's the garbage truck, the mailman, someone mowing their lawn - whatever.  Sorry, neighbors.  We're creepers.

115/365: I'm borrowing this photo from the make-up Kindermusik class that DH was able to take Little Man to on this Saturday.  Love these guys so much!

116/365: We've been outside a ton since the weather has become nicer.  The kids have been really into a bunch of random buckets we have laying around and mainly just transport sand from the sandbox around the yard.

117/365: On cooler days, PlayDoh has been a huge hit, especially since we purchased one of those little strainer machines that spits out "snakes and spaghettis!"  Lol.

118/365: To move around some of my babywearing stash in order to purchase a new wrap, this lovely Mei Tai had to take a short walk to a loving new family.  Thankfully, I've heard from the mama that her babe is loving it already!

119/365: Be still, my heart.  Little Man was playing in the backyard and picked me the first flower he's ever given to me.  We then had to come into the house directly after to put it in water.  We're still working on the fact that the stem goes in the water and not the top of the flower, but we'll get there :)

Nurse Loves Farmer

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