Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Easter 2014 photos!

We were really lucky this Easter and my awesome parents were able to come down to visit with us.

They were so lucky they took our illness home.

Love you - Mom & Dad!

Here's a few photos of our weekend!

Little Man was super excited from the get-go, Little Lady took a little more convincing.

Until she had a Reese cup.

This was our first official Easter egg hunt - not quite sure why we hadn't ever done it in the past.  The kids were both really into it!

Little Lady spent part of the time picking up eggs/candy and then carrying them over to either DH/I or my parents to open before going back for another.

Little Man opened a few as he went but was more trying to obtain as many eggs as possible :)

Once inside, we had a few snuggles.

And then some giggles with Grammy

While the boys had some man discussion at the table.

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great Easter!! We started having hunts when Theo was 1 - they have always loved it and get super into it. I feel like we should hunt for more random things throughout the year. :)


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