Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I have big news!

First off, no.  I'm not pregnant.

Lol.  This is blogging news.  Well, and life news - but mainly blogging news.

Many of you remember that last year I attended the BlogHer conference for the first time.  {If you need your memory refreshed, you can see what I wore to the conference, the hotel & the food, the sessions & the parties, the expo & the swag, and my top tips for BlogHer newbies/reader Q&A at those links!}

Well, this year, I will not only be attending - but I will also be speaking at the conference.

I'm Going to BlogHer '14!

Holy whoa, people.

I am ridiculously excited to be able to attend BlogHer and am honored that I was chosen to speak at one of the Geek Bar sessions regarding blog analytics!  I'm fairly certain that I just about fell off my chair when I received word that I would be speaking and cannot even express how amazing and cool this opportunity is for me.  I had an absolute blast last year at the conference and learned so many new things and cannot wait to not only attend again but also to share a few of the blogging tidbits that I use daily!

This also means that I'll be flying to California this summer - which will be the third time away from my very adorable shadow Little Man ever {the first was BlogHer'13 and the second was while in the hospital birthing Little Lady} and the first time ever away from Little Lady, my snuggle bunny who nurses around the clock and definitely does not sleep through the night yet.

Let's all send up a silent prayer for happy baby vibes for DH, even though he's great with the kids and probably doesn't need it!

But, the most crazy part is that I'll be flying.

I haven't been on an airplane in almost seven years.  And the last time I flew I ended up in the ER with an anxiety-induced migraine in which I lost partial vision in one eye.

So basically I'm astronomically excited and also simultaneously terrified.

Anyone have breastfeeding-friendly anxiety medication recommendations?  Lol.


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  1. Wow, that's awesome. Congratulations - and also...yikes!!??

  2. How exciting!!! Congratulations. I cannot imagine how hard it will be to leave Little Lady for the first time to go to BlogHer.


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