Saturday, April 19, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 99 through 105

So obviously, this post is a little late.

For whatever reason, Friday hit this week and I completely had spaced that it was even Friday.  I've been working on a few side projects that have totally engulfed my spare time {hello, crickets on the blog otherwise!  I promise I'll get back here soon!}.  Our week was also a little off because DH didn't have to work the Friday before Easter for the holiday, so he was home as well.

Even though I had taken all of my daily photos, I hadn't edited any of them or prepped this post.  And, I think a few of the photos might be out of order?  I can't remember, this week was crazy with weather changes and I can't remember which day was which!  So, oops.  Sorry for the tardiness!

99/365: I seriously just love so much how these two play together now.  And also this weather!

100/365: I don't know what it is about baby hats, but for whatever reason these hats and their first pair of toddler shoes when they really start walking hold such a special place in my heart.  Both of these hats are for sure ending up in the keepsake boxes I keep for the kids!

101/365: Pure joy - in the form of a curtain peekaboo game.

102/365: Little Lady loves to crawl up on Little Man's toddler bed and just play/sit/read/relax lately.  She's fantastic at getting in and out, which makes me feel a bit more comfortable mentally with the fact that I'm sure {as our resident high motor baby} she will be our crib jumper at some point in the future.

103/365: Jell-o jigglers in the form of a train from his awesomely adorable daddy?  More toddler joy!

104/365: Those baby eyes!!!  I seriously could just smooch this face all darn day long.

105/365:  And since she has been passing out hard after a long morning of play for naps lately, I've been able to steal just a few sweet sleeping baby photos this week!

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  1. Awww. These are all so sweet. I love the last two especially! Happy Easter!

  2. Jello train! That is so cool! I love how sleeping baby photos capture that total peace, yours does that perfectly :)

  3. that little face looks pretty sweet and kissable, can't say i blame you! :) SO relieved to finally have good weather in central Indiana!


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