Friday, April 25, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 106 through 112

Wellllll, hey there.

{insert crickets here}

When I sat down to work on this week's CTM post, I completely realized that I hadn't posted since last week's CTM post.  Which is kind of a testament to how crazy it's been around here lately.

For whatever reason, we are all sick {minus DH} again this week.  We've also had family in for the Easter holiday {I have an upcoming photo dump post on that!}, DH was out of town for the week {hence the fact that he is likely super healthy and well-rested after staying the week in a hotel... sigh}, I've been working on two new blogs {one for my babywearing chapter and one industry-specific speech therapy blog}, and I scheduled us unfortunately with eleventy bazillion appointments this week {dentist for both me and the kids, doctor appointments for both of the kids, a babywearing meeting, our music class, preschool co-op, and about a trillion errands}.

Needless to say I've been running around like a sick, tired, crazy person.

I have a few awesome posts upcoming for you all including our Easter photos, the conclusion of the Peepods giveaway, as well a fantastic local review coming up - but here are this week's photos!

106/365:  Little Lady found another pair of glasses in the doctor kit I purchased used off of the marketplace - and is officially obsessed.

107/365: Little Man's mischievous but adorable grin!

108/365:  This photo is obviously horrible quality, but Little Lady was holding my phone while we played a game of tickling.  I kind of love her point of view here.

109/365:  You know, just eatin' my breakfast.  By osmosis.

110/365:  Happy Easter, everyone!  Please excuse the fact that we dressed our kids but yet DH & I rolled out of bed and went into the yard for the egg hunt wearing our pj's from the night before.

111/365:  With the returned sickness, there has been a lot of this going on lately!

112/365:  And here's a preview of the FANTASTIC local music class review upcoming on the blog for our local Kindermusik with Miss Kim!

Check out the other link ups here, and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!

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