Monday, March 31, 2014

We are a haven for illness this month.

Oh my goodness this month.

It seems like one after the other after the next we've been sick.

First I had a cold and fever.  Thankfully, I'm the only one that had that one.  For about a week after that, our home was fairly healthy.  Then after that Little Man picked up the stomach flu.  It took him about three days to get back to good health.  About two days later Little Lady had the stomach flu next.  Same presentation, only this time she was up at midnight throwing up while Little Man had started at 6a.

I kind of feel like being up with vomiting children all night long is some sort of horrible parenting benchmark.  I mean, I always remember my parents sitting up with me, cleaning up after me, offering me reassurance.  It was a rather unfortunate deja vu scenario in which I had a complete role reversal and was now the parent.  

It's absolute misery.  Not only watching your little ones feel so uncomfortable, but especially at this age watching their confusion and lack of understanding why they're feeling so uncomfortable.  I was immensely grateful when they both were back to their normal, little, happy selves.

And then a few days later - I got that, too.

The even more surprising thing was, though, that a day or two after I started feeling all of the horrible the kids just had - that DH got it.  DH never gets sick.  Since I've known him {which has been over ten years}, he's been sick maybe once or twice.   But when he gets it, he really gets it.

So basically, we have all either been sick or are currently sick - and wow am I ready for everyone to be feeling better so ridiculously soon.

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