Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tips & Tricks #54 - Garlic Oil for Ear Infections!

* Disclaimer - I am not a doctor.  If you or your child is sick and you believe you/they need a doctor, don't take advice from the interwebz, mmmkay?  Also, I am a speech pathologist who has a bachelor's degree in both speech pathology and audiology {as well as a master's degree in speech pathology} - so don't stick ANYTHING like a Q-tip or an actual piece of garlic in your ear or else you will perforate your eardrum, you won't be able to hear, and I will give you the stink eye.  

A looooong time ago on the blog, I chatted about the Natural Cold Remedies we use in our home - but since we recently have gone through a bit of a bug, I thought I'd hit on one of our most favorite natural remedies again.

Garlic Oil is a mixture of actual garlic hidden in a carrier oil - so that you can use a dropper to put it in your ears.  You can purchase garlic oil {ref. link} on Amazon here as you'll see in my photo below - all ready for use.  Or alternately, you can purchase garlic and oil separately and make up your own batch every time you need it.

I prefer the easy way of pre-made oil, personally.

This small, powerful bottle packs a huge punch of awesome anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties due to the amazing bit of wonderful that is garlic itself.  Since ear infections can be caused by Eustachian tube blockage from allergies, respiratory infections, etc - whenever either of the kids has the signs of a cold, I start putting a few drops of garlic oil in each of their ears once per day.

Fight and prevent ear infections naturally with no antibiotics using willow garlic ear oil - also works for earaches

I can honestly attest that since I started using garlic oil, Little Man hasn't had any more ear infections.  Because I used garlic oil on Little Lady since birth, she's never had an ear infection.

I've been asked before by family and friends if I think it's just "hippie nonsense", and to that I can definitely tell you that it is not - because I also use garlic oil for my ears.

Anytime I have an itch in my ears, an earache, or a cold - I also put a few drops of garlic oil in my ears.  And - let me tell you, friends - it is almost instant relief.

So, if you're looking for a really easy, simple way to keep your family and yourself healthy - definitely check out garlic oil for your ears!!!

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  1. My son's pedi has recommended garlic oil 3x's a day for 7 days whenever he has been seen in the office with an ear infection. They only prescribe antibiotics if the infection is (in their terms) an 8 out of 10. For anything less than that they say to use garlic oil and come back if it seems like things are worse. He has never had to be on antibiotics. The garlic oil has always cleared it up. Definitely not just hippie nonsense :)


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