Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tips & Tricks #52 - Adjust your Glasses!

I don't know if I'm an odd, asymmetrical person - but I've always had trouble with glasses.

Whenever I've purchased eyeglasses or sunglasses in the past, I've had to be really careful and look out for how they sit on my face.  Because - for whatever reason - glasses always seem to sit lower on one of my ears than they do the other.  It could be that I've purchased too many inexpensive pairs of glasses that aren't actually even, but it also very well could be that I have one ear lower than the other.

It absolutely drives me nuts that my glasses don't sit correctly on my face and for quite some time has driven me to limit the amount of time I wear eyeglasses or sunglasses in public.  But recently, I found a trick that totally eliminates this problem and gets your glasses right back where they need to be - nice and even.

Previously, when I've tried to adjust my glasses, I would try to very gently bend them to no avail.  I was too nervous to try pliers, and I was either too cheap or too lazy {maybe both?} to take them into an actual eye doctor to get them adjusted - especially if it was just a cheap $5 pair of Target sunglasses.

Enter the hair dryer.

To adjust your glasses, simply put your hair dryer on low heat and very lightly heat up the side that needs slightly bent.  It's as easy as that!

* If you've never tried this method before, definitely try it out with a cheap pair of sunglasses first - while you get accustomed to the technique!

I first used this on a pair of Target sunglasses, then to a much more expensive pair of Coach sunglasses I had purchased years before the kids were born, and then onto my actual eyeglasses.

Each time, it has worked like a charm and I'm happily wearing my glasses with no tilting one way or the other!

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