Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tips & Tricks 51 - The Easy Way to Childproof Your Phone!

Let's say you're allowing your child some screen time on your iPhone or iPad.

What's the first thing they do?

Well, if it's my kids - they either accidentally click on one of the in-app purchases or randomly call someone on my contacts list {ahem, Little Lady}, or they try to click out of the educational apps to watch Mighty Machines for the millionth time on Netflix {ahem, Little Man}.

This happened every single time I pulled out the iPad or gave one of the kids my iPhone for a moment - and I was tethered to that machine with them to make sure that no one was getting into anything they shouldn't be.

Until my resident techie DH shared his own trick with me!

Guided Access is a program on your Apple device that allows you to block out the use of the home button, volume controls, and any spots on the screen you wouldn't like your child to gain access to - just with a simple few clicks of a button.

Before you begin - you'll want to enter the settings of your phone.  Once in settings, click General - and then Accessibility.  Once in Accessibility, click on Guided Access.  You'll want to click the Guided Access tab to On by tapping it until it turns green.  When Guided Access is on, you can set your passcode.

After you've set up your passcode - try it out in your favorite app.

Once you've pulled up the app you want and you're on the screen you want - triple click your home button.  Mom, if you're reading this post - that's the round button on the bottom of the front of your phone.  Lol.

When you triple click the home button, you will see options to start, cancel, or select parts of the screen to use for guided access.

Use your finger to circle the areas of the screen that you'd like disabled.

After you've circled the areas you'd like to disable, you'll see that they look slightly grey-ed out.  If you chose an area you don't want to disable - you can always click the X on that area and enable it to work again.

Once you've disabled the areas you'd like - hit the start button, enter your password, and start playing!

After you've set up Guided Access - you can let your kids play around in the selected app to their heart's content without worrying they're buying something, calling someone, or accessing material on the internet of which you don't approve.

Once you're ready to end Guided Access?  Triple click again, enter your password, and hit end!

Don't forget to go to the bathroom alone, grab a drink, and enjoy 5 minutes of quiet before you click end, though - You're Welcome!!!

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  1. We've been using guided access for a while now. We have discovered, though, that phone calls can be made from a locked phone. If you have missed calls that you haven't cleared, for instance. If you swipe up on the gray dash on the lock screen it'll show your missed calls/messages. My two-year-old has made many phone calls that way!

    1. Oh, good to know! My kids definitely haven't figured out that trick yet!


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