Sunday, March 2, 2014

Secondhand Sunday #8 - Fireplace Screen

This week's Secondhand Sunday comes from our local neighborhood marketplace again - possibly from almost a year ago?

Right after we had Little Lady, we began to look for a fireplace screen both in secondhand and new, and I had a really hard time finding what I wanted.  We had tried previously to cover the {rather sharp-edged} fireplace hood with foam, but it just would not stay on.  We'd also looked at fireplace stands in a few stores, and couldn't figure out a way to keep it baby-proofed.

Finally, we found one we liked on the marketplace {maybe for around $30?  I can't remember and really wasn't stressing too much over price as I just wanted something that looked nice.} and snatched it up quickly.

After having DH & my dad look at it for a few moments, my lovely engineers quickly figured out some way to actually zip tie the screen to our fireplace to secure it in place.  Months upon months later, and the kids knock into the screen all the time - but those zip ties have held perfectly and it has never fallen on anyone.  Which is fantastic, because the kids constantly bump into it with their push-toys, trucks, strollers, and vacuums.

The used fireplace screen we purchased has been a fantastic solution for our rather open and not-terribly-kid-safe fireplace - while still looking great.

How do you all baby proof your fireplaces?

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  1. This looks awesome.. but what was ziptied to what? It's very hard to see from the pics.

    1. It's actually zip tied to little hooks on the lip of the fireplace border. There's a small overhang and it's tied under there!


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