Sunday, March 16, 2014

Secondhand Sunday #11 - Little Lady's {1 year old} Consignment Haul!

Last week, I highlighted a few of the items I recently purchased for Little Man at our local consignment sale - and this week?  It's Little Lady's turn.

Since we still have family giving us hand-me-down's for Little Man, I typically only have to pick up a small amount of items to fill in his wardrobe.  For Little Lady, however, most times when I'm shopping I'm buying her entire wardrobe.  I for sure use onesies, socks, and some of the gender neutral items from Little Man as the base of Little Lady's wardrobe, but outside of those items - I'm basically looking for everything else.  Which includes things like tops, pants, coats, sweatshirts, shoes, skirts, dresses, etc.

Between this sale and the last sale I attended, I've figured out that I spend an average of $15 per month on clothing for Little Lady, which I find to be pretty fantastic.  If I were shopping in conventional retail stores for new items, $15 probably wouldn't get me out the door with one outfit - much less enough for an entire month.

At this sale {hosted by Indy Kids}, I was looking for summery outfits for the sweet miss.  Dresses, shorts, skirts, tanks, etc.  Most times I prefer skirts with built-in shorts, dresses that come with diaper covers, or shorts - and I typically won't purchase an outfit unless it comes with these items.  Here's the haul of how I did!

This smattering of outfits is probably less than 25% of what I walked away with from the sale, but these are my favorite finds.  I think I hit the jackpot on the warm summery dresses, and found items that will last us both this summer and next.

I actually wish I would have found more of the one-piece bubble outfits {as I find those to fit fantastically over cloth diapered bums}, but I think I only made out with two of those.

My absolute favorite item?  The last photo of the flowered summer hat for Little Lady.  We have the exact same hat in the 6-12 month size and Little Lady wore it almost every time we were outside last summer.  The brim is large enough to cover her head, ears, neck, and a portion of her shoulders, so it's fantastic sun cover.  It's also floppy enough that the brim covers quite a bit of the view while she's nursing in a wrap or carrier, which is lovely for when it's hot enough that I'm only wearing a tank top with otherwise slim coverage.

What do you guys think?  Did I come away with some cute stuff?

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  1. this stuff makes me want a girl so much! I saw that little pink & orange outfit at the sale and almost died of cuteness overload :)


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