Sunday, March 9, 2014

Secondhand Sunday #10 - Indy Kids Consignment Haul {Little Man @ 3 years old}

As many of you know, I tend to buy used clothing for our children prior to looking for new.  Depending on the age of the child, these teeny tops and bottoms sometimes only fit a child for a few months - and depending on the size of that child's wardrobe they may never even actually be worn.  For the items that are worn, they're often only worn a handful of times.

It just makes sense to buy secondhand in this scenario.

The past week, I was able to attend the Indy Kids Consignment sale - which is a first for me.  Typically I attend the Just Between Friends sale {and have had great luck there}, but this year a neighbor offered her consignor pre-sale pass to me so I headed over to Indy Kids to check it out.

Most times when I attend a consignment sale like this, I attempt to go on the last day.  There's often less people around and the prices have been reduced quite a bit at that point.  But the Indy Kids pass I received was for the day before the sale actually started, and it was busy.  I came away with a TON of stuff for both Little Man & Little Lady!

*Sidenote - I thought it was kind of fantastic that the only children allowed at the pre-sale were the ones who were worn!  The website mentioned that otherwise there isn't room for strollers in the aisles during their busy pre-sale hours, so only infants being worn were allowed to attend.

Since I did a little shopping for both of the kids, I thought I'd share my finds in this week and next week's Secondhand Sunday posts.  Instead of posting all of their items individually, I thought I'd only post a few that were my {or their} favorites!

Little Man came away with a ton of super adorable items.  He's a big polo and shorts kind of a guy - so I grabbed quite a few pairings of those kinds of tops and bottoms.  The average price I paid on his polos {in sizes 3T, 4T, and 5T} was $3 per item, which is a fantastic deal considering most of the polos were Gap brand which retail between $15-20 per top.  I also scored that fantastic Carter's zip up for $4, which typically retails for between $20-40 {depending on sales}.  Little Man's favorite item was the guitar shirt on the bottom, which I completely guessed.  Out of all the items I saw at the sale, I immediately grabbed it off of the rack because I knew he'd fawn all over it - which happened immediately when I got home.  It's actually kind of a cool shirt, though, because the guitar isn't printed, that's stitched in with string.

One of the outfits I wasn't so sure about, but that we're going to try, is the sleeveless tank and shorts.  We're not really a hip family, so that kind of feels a little out of the style comfort zone we live in, but the shirt and shorts were in excellent quality and at a great price - so I thought we'd take a gamble on it.

I know a ton of my Indy mama friends hit up the sale this past week - anyone find anything great?

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  1. I love the Indy Kids Sale, and the presale is great for getting the best deals, or Saturday for half-price items! I got an Ergo for $30 for a friend of mine who just found out she is pregnant-- I love ours, so I'm excited for her to get to try it out when her baby gets here :) plus lots of good deals for my son too! because he's still so little, our clothing items averaged out to a little over $2 each! gotta love those deals! :)

  2. Love the big consignment sales! There's one in Champaign-Urbana in Eastern Illinois twice a year coming up in April. We get a lot of clothes for the kids at yard sales. They outgrow them so quickly!


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