Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Lady 15 month update!

For this update, I thought I'd try something a little different and structure it like my friend Sarah does at Nurse Loves Farmer.  If you like it, check out her son's one year post here!

  • Tops?  Size 12-24 month depending on the brand.
  • Bottoms? 18 month - 2T depending on the brand.
  • On days that we're at home, Little Lady mainly wears jammers during the day - which at this time are still footed sleepers for the most part.
  • On days that we're out, Little Lady typically wears either jeggings or leggings and a long sleeved top.
  • Bedtime tends to be around 7p each night.
  • From there, Little Lady usually will sleep a few hours, maybe until 9-10.  Typically at that point she is back up and down a few times {four on a bad night, one or two on a good night} until about midnight or one a.m.
  • Some nights she is back awake for an early waking right around the time DH leaves for work, but always nurses right back to sleep.
  • Awake for the day anywhere between 8-10a, typically around 9a.
  • Little Lady is down to only one nap per day, at the same time as Little Man - from around 12:30-1p most days to around 2:30-4p.  
  • Most days when she goes down to sleep, Little Lady wants her head on her pillow, a blanket tucked up to her chin, and a stuffy or two to play with when she first wakes.

  • Little Lady continues to breastfeed, anywhere from 4-8 times a day, depending on how many night wakings we have.
  • Since she is now over a year old, if we were to transition to an alternate form of milk at this point, we'd probably switch to a mix of almond/coconut milk.  I do, however, have a rather large supply of frozen breastmilk in our deep freezer, so we'll have to get through that first.
  • And then food.
  • Since we do Baby-Led Weaning, Little Lady eats any and everything we do.
{Um, can we stop for a moment and I'll have a little tear over how TEENY Little Lady looks in the BLW post I just linked?  TEENY!}
  • Her favorite foods are berries {strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries}, cheese, oranges, pasta, and eggs.
Gross Motor:
  • For the past few months, Little Lady has walked like a champ.  She first started toddling and getting more proficient at walking between furniture around 12 months old, and took her first steps about a week before their joint birthday at 12.5 months old.  Now at 14 months, she has really great balance and is walking like a pro.
  • In addition to the walking, Little Lady also climbs now.  She climbs on chairs, tables, Little Man's lap desk, and the couch {although she requires help getting up if the cushions are on it}.
  • With significant parental monitoring, Little Lady also climbs up the stairs independently - often chasing her big brother.
  • She also is getting better and better at running every day and has quite a bit more coordination at this age than Little Man ever did - which is most evident when she dances.  Little Lady tries to mimic me when I dance, and can actually move in similar ways.  Which may not be such a good thing.  Lol.

Fine Motor:
  • Little Lady sometimes feeds herself with a spoon, but really likes us to scoop the bite for her when she sees anyone else eating from a spoon.
  • She points to herself, pictures, and people.
  • Little Lady also loves holding onto chalk and drawing with it on our table.
  • Lots and lots of babbling!  This girl loves to chat!
  • Little Lady's words include: Mama, Dada, Bubba {for her brother}, hi, bye-bye {intermittently, I'm not decided that this one has stuck yet}, choo-choo, duck, an approximation on vroom, yes & no by nodding, and more/all done by signing.  Now that I have these written, I feel like I may be missing some words, though...

  • Little Lady currently has almost twelve teeth.  I say almost because her front four are in on the top and bottom, and she has four molars {her first molar on the top right and left as well as bottom right and left} that are pushing through and have been working on coming through for the past month or two.  
  • She also has grown quite a bit of hair in the past few months.  Just like her big brother, Little Lady grows hair really slowly, but has just started to alllllllmost get enough hair for a cute little pixie top ponytail.
  • Little Lady's favorite toys right now are her Melissa & Doug caterpillar and Little Man's trains.  She also really loves one of our books that has simple "First Pictures" in it.  I think she likes the book even more because there is a photo of a boy in it who looks like Little Man.  No matter what page we're on, she's trying to turn it to get back to him.  
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