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Dyson at Best Buy DC65 Animal Review! (Available now in stores!)

* Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy gift card and/or received the product/service at a discounted price or for free.

If you know anything about me at this point, you know that I'm a neat freak.  You know, the kind of person that thinks every item has it's own place and runs my vacuum almost every day.  

The kind of person that likes to see the vacuum lines in their carpet.

Ahhhh.  Such a lovely sight, yes?

A clean floor is especially wonderful since things can get really messy with my two rambunctious little ones, my lovably messy DH, and my puppy who loves to walk around the mud and then track it all over our house.  Not to mention our love of tot schooling - which often leads to crafts and sensory bins involving teeny scraps of paper, bits of oatmeal, rice, modeling dough, sand, and - every mother's worst nightmare - glitter.

After these fantastically fun but terribly unfortunate messes... ahem, crafts - I'm left with two sweet children tracking whatever material we just used all over the house.  And since we've begun tot schooling our children - my vacuum has been the greatest machine ever to pick up all the leftover funk.

Recently, Best Buy offered to send me a new vacuum to test out and then share my thoughts with you for a review.  But they didn't offer just any vacuum.  

They sent me a Dyson.

{Can I get a moment here to dance in circles like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music?  Maybe we can add in a few birds and critters flying over to my arms and singing sweet harmonies of joy while we're at it.}

I literally almost peed my mommy bladder in excitement.

Best Buy was amazing enough to send over the Dyson DC65 Animal, the latest and greatest in a fine line of beautiful Dyson machines.

The DC65's claim to fame is that it cleans better than any other vacuum over both carpeting and hard flooring - and I was really excited to try it out!  We have carpeting and ceramic tile in our home with our main living area {the kitchen and living room} being half and half.  Whenever we do a project in the kitchen on the tile, chances are some of that mess is heading onto our carpeted living room floor, and it's a bear to have to pull out another device to vacuum up that mess after cleaning the kitchen.

Here are a few of the other awesome benefits of the new DC65:

- Brush bar power increased by 25% from previous Dyson models for superior carpet cleaning
- New configuration of bristles dig deeper into carpets and remove more dirt
- Remodeled air flow helps to remove more dirt, dust, and allergens from the home
- 180AW of suction (vs. 160AW in Dyson's DC41 machine)
- Comes in three colors based on variant: Platinum (MF), Purple (AN - the machine I received), and Fuchsia (ANC)

And these are the same features it has as the DC41:

- Self-adjusting baseplate
- Long-reach telescopic wand
- 2x the suction of any other vacuum
- Closer edge pick up
- Built to survive 10 years
- Hygenic bin emptying

It also is important to note that the Dyson I received has a massively long 5 YEAR warranty through Best Buy!  But let's get to the important part - how did it work?

If you can see my photo above, I didn't even get the tags off of this hot little number before she was happily rolling across my floors.  In addition to the insane amount of grime the DC65 picked up from our clean {or, well, what I thought were already clean} carpets, the Dyson was able to get SO close to the baseboards and pick up a ton of dirt right next to the wall.  Let's get a closer look.

Not close enough you say?  Well, don't worry - I've got you covered.

Yep, that's the funk I was talking about.

In addition to picking up everything and the kitchen sink from my carpets, the Dyson transferred seamlessly to the tile floor in the kitchen.  While our former vacuum had a slight habit of shooting food and dirt everywhere - mostly away from the vacuum - in the kitchen, the DC65 picked up all the teeny bits of dirt and mess with no problems whatsoever.  

But it doesn't stop there.  The Dyson also has a ridiculously long cord, to the point where I was actually vacuuming my upstairs hallway while still plugged in to the downstairs foyer.  {Maybe don't try that one at home - I just wanted to see how far it would reach!}  I also was able to vacuum our entire stairway in our two story foyer {which curves halfway up} using the long-reach wand and attachments with the actual vacuum still sitting on my first floor.  

One of my absolute favorite parts of the Dyson are the attachment brushes, though.  Instead of the cheap and super-hard bristled attachments I'm used to on our lower-quality former vacuum cleaner {may she RIP}, the DC65 attachment bristles are super soft and bendable - making cleaning tasks like baseboards and ceiling fan blades a breeze.  

See what I did there?  I crack myself up sometimes.

Since I've never owned a Dyson previously, I do have to say that I'm more-than-just-slightly enamored with the maneuverability offered by the entire Dyson line - and think the ease of movement of the vacuum makes the job a whole lot more enjoyable!

The absolute only feature of the Dyson I didn't immediately love out of the package was that the long-reach wand hose was a bit tight at first use, but after checking with a few Dyson owner friends and adding some miles onto the machine, that seems to be an easily-remedied problem that goes away once the machine is worn in a bit.

Overall, I'm now a fanatical fan of all things Dyson and cannot wait to swing our new vacuuming beauty out of the closet after every project and craft - especially the ones that involve glitter!  One of the best things ever, though?

When Little Man pulls out his matching Dyson and we vacuum the floors together.  

OCD love, right?  

If this post makes you want to walk {or run!} out to pick up a brand new Dyson yourself, you can find this purple lady happily nestled in at Best Buy waiting for your love and affection, at the price tag of $599 for the above-shown model!  Happy cleaning, y'all!

Does anyone else have a Dyson?  How much do you love yours?

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