Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear Working Moms, You Are Strong.

For the past few months, I've begun to ONLY work on the weekends.

It's fantastic business, let me tell you.

Instead of picking up one shift a week on a weekday, I've dropped down to only working Saturdays and Sundays as a speech pathologist.  And those shifts tend to be pretty fantastic.  There's {for the most part} no expected start time, so I can get there as early or late as I'd like so long as I'm able to see all of my patients/residents.  Weekends tend to be more relaxed at nursing homes/ECF's, so I'm not inconveniencing anyone out of their office when I need to pump.  We're not having to pay for daycare unless we go on a date night outside of my working.  And even though we have a fantastic care provider, there's nothing better than knowing that when I'm away, my kids are happily playing and horsing around with DH.

Does that make me old since I just used the term horsing around?  Hmmm.

It's honestly the best work/life mix I've had since we had children, and I'm absolutely loving it.  But the other day, while trying to get up early in order to get done with work sooner, I had a little flash back.  Back to those mornings when I just could not drag myself out of bed.

When all I wanted to do after a long night of nursing, rocking, shushing, loving, and trying to catch even the smallest snooze myself was to crawl back into bed and not come out until that little voice beckoned me again.  When I had to pull those warm, cozy little bodies out of their beds hours before they would wake and listen to their tears of confusion and upset as they asked me with both their words and gestures to be allowed to go back to sleep as well.

When I would sit at work all day long and wish that I was home again playing - all the while wondering what they were doing, if they were having fun, or if they were napping well.  When I would rush to finish up everything at the end of the day, attempting to be mentally and emotionally present for the last patient of the day who just would not stop chatting after their session so that I could leave.  When I would drive as fast as I possibly could away from work, texting and calling apologies to the daycare provider who wanted them out before I could possibly get there.

When we got home and they were cranky, irritable, and inconsolable during dinner because they were so worn out from the lack of sleep and stimulation from their day.  When those little heads lay on my shoulder and breathed in their first happy, calm, quiet breaths for the first time that day in my presence as I was putting them down to sleep.  When I realized I'd seen my kids for less than 2 hours that day, including the commute time and rushing around in the morning and evening.

For me, conventional, 9-5, typical working motherhood was not what fit, what worked, or what was even reasonably pleasant for my children or myself.  And I am so lucky that we're fortunate enough to recognize that and be able to actually do something about it.

But for all the working moms out there reading this -


Not only do you all do everything I mentioned above, but you do more.  You come home, make fantastic dinners, stay up hours after everyone is asleep doing chores, laundry, shopping, & cleaning.  You function on practically minutes of sleep instead of hours most days.  You still manage to hold those sweet little hands, help with homework, or throw in just one more load of those cloth diapers before falling into bed - only to be woken an hour or two later by a calling child.

While I know that life is not something I could mentally and physically accomplish at this point, I have to express the candid respect I have for how hard you work and how tough you are to do every little thing that you do.

Dear Working Moms - Lots of love.

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  1. Thanks for the ass pats. I'm tired, and I could use them today <3

    1. I'll pat your fantastic bum anytime lady friend! Lol!

  2. Thanks for this. Also, stop making me cry at work.

  3. Amen! I used to be part of that life, then cut back to mostly weekend nightshifts. I think of me back then and wonder how the heck did I do it?!?! I think moms that balance all that on a continuous basis should all get mandatory tropical vacations. It is so much work (yes, me being home now is work too but not at all what it was before - but that's just me).

  4. I needed to hear this. I struggle with working and being away from my son 8+ hours a day. I know my spending habits would NOT let us live off 1 salary so I work; plus I'd probably go insane! Thanks for this post!

  5. Oh my gosh. I totally welled up reading this. I used to work full time and I remember those days. Now I work from home and I'm so grateful to be able to do that.


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