Friday, March 7, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 57 through 63

This week was a mix of iPhone and DSLR photos as we were super busy and I didn't grab my camera quite as often as I probably should have!

57/365 - Smoothies for three?  Yes, please!

58/365 - My ridiculous fail at trying to take a photo of Little Lady all snuggled up in bed.  The moment I pulled the camera out, the tears started until I set down the camera and pulled out the boob.

I'm honestly a little jealous of those who can get sweet, angelic sleeping photos of their children.  The moment I enter either child's room, they're up and ready to play.  If I turned a light on either of them, it would also immediately wake them.  Although, with how good of sleepers my kids are, I probably shouldn't complain that my creeping wakes them up.  Lol.

59/365 - This tot school pom pom fun lasted about 15 minutes before Little Lady tried to eat the pom poms.  I'm actually shocked it took that long for one of these to make it to her mouth.

60/365 - Stroller derby!

 61/365 - While I was changing Little Lady, this sweet guy cuddled up on the rocker and started reading a book.  So cute.

62/365 - WHY oh why is there still snow?  Dear Indiana winter, you're ridiculous.  Go away.

63/365 - Little Man was not feeling so hot on this particular day, which meant a lot of snuggling on the couch and cartoons.  Typically, his comfort habit is sucking his thumb with the other hand in his belly button.  I'm not sure what exactly started this, but whenever he is tired, sick, or just needs a little extra comfort, this is the typical reaction and response.  It breaks my heart when either of the kids are sick, but I'm glad I was able to catch this moment and hold the memory outside of my brain as well.

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  1. You guys can see your grass?! You're so close!

  2. If I could keep my daughter entertained for a whole 15 minutes, it would be the greatest day ever - she has such a short attention span!

  3. Our little's have something in common - eating pom pom's !!

  4. Aw, my three year old just went through a fever spell. :/ I hope your little man feels better now. Love your photos!

  5. Love the finger in the belly button! Classic!

    Sorry he had to be sick for you to get that shot though. :(


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