Friday, February 21, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 43 through 49

Okay, so coming into this week's post - I thought I was toast.  I couldn't remember taking an immense amount of photos each day, and know there was even a day or so where my camera returned into it's bag due to a cleaning binge.  And when it's not right in front of my face, I forget to take pictures.

But somehow, when I uploaded the week's photos onto my computer, I had a TON.  Again.  Like I literally could have made two weeks of CTM365 out of just one week of photos.  This challenge is seriously doing some good things for my penchant for never taking a photo, ever.  I think I have more pictures on my computer from just these two months than I have from the whole year last year!

One random question though, before we begin - does anyone have camera cover recommendations?  I'm looking for something {not a case} that I can use to put my camera in before I throw it in my bag and run out the door.  I know, I know - that's probably sacrilegious not to use a real camera bag.  But I'm a rebel and I do want I want, no camera bag and all.

Well, maybe not a rebel - unless you consider turning a can in my pantry with the label facing in.  Then I'm your rebellious girl.

Anyway - any suggestions?

Here are this week's photos!

43/365 - This happens in my house  No matter what Little Lady is eating, Lilo always gets a bite.  Or three.  Or seven.

44/365 - Later afternoon in our house is always a really hard time to take photos because of the lighting, but I caught one of Little Man this week and love how the focus of the photo really is the awesome, old trees in our yard in this moment.

45/365 - Mid-toppling of a cup tower.  Seriously, friends.  If you have a bored toddler and baby, grab some plastic cups and practice stacking them.  Instant fun is had by all!

46/365 - Dear Mama,  I would like something.  It doesn't matter what it is, because with a face as sweet as this - I'm almost guaranteed you're going to get it for me.  Love, Little Lady

47/365 -Well, hai DH!  Welcome to the photo challenge!  This photo selfie, which I've officially found to be slightly ridiculous to do with a DSLR was a quick "Okay the kids are almost done eating let's cheese for ten seconds and then GO" before bath and bedtime routines.

48/365 - And then the next night Little Man wanted to take a bunch of photos from his perspective, which included a few adorable photos of Little Lady as well as DH here.

49/365- And this last one is a testament to Little Man's patience on this particular day, as Little Lady would not stop crawling right over the puzzle with which he was playing.

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  1. Love your photos this week! I think the window one's my favorite too. That's a cool perspective!

    Wyatt does that with his food, too, btw! It's a constant battle with a puppy around now. Although, at least he's not fattening up our 5 yr old terrier anymore! ;)

    I had a similar week only, I thought I took more photos than I did. Or maybe I just thought I took better ones. They're just all very focused on my older boy. Oh well!

  2. Day 44 is gorgeous! The lighting is really neat.

  3. I love the look on his face in the towering cups picture! What a great capture!

    That activity center with the doors is awesome - I've seen it with flaps before, but never with different latches like that! It brings the learning to a whole new level!

  4. Love the photos and really glad to have found your site. Going to be a first time mom in July and found lots of good info on your site.

    About the cover for the camera, I use a Zing cover. You can get them on Amazon and they have them for just about any camera you can imagine. They are made from neoprene and do a really good job protecting the camera. I use mine all the time, especially on vacation where it's getting thrown into a purse or backpack, and I haven't had any issues.

    1. That camera cover is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!

  5. Great photos. My husband and I perfected the selfie while dating but it was hard at first. Keep at it you'll get it.

  6. I love seeing the hubs in there this week! And what is that book little man is playing with????

    1. It's a latch puzzle from Melissa & Doug! Tazi bought it for Little Lady for her birthday!

  7. We had the exact same moment with the dog at our house yesterday. Baby in her jammies, with the exact same snack cup, feeding our dog. Just replace your Chihuahua with our Cavalier and the photo is identical!

  8. Love the pic of your little miss feeding the dog. Too cute!

  9. Caroline is always feeding our dog her food and then squealing because she changed her mind. Oops! Ha! I'm off to dig out our plastic cups! :)

  10. Yep, our little dog always got "treats" all day too.

    The super up close selfie is fun, even if it's not "right" LOL!

  11. Beautiful pictures, congrats :)

    Catherine Vargas
    Vintage Girls


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