Friday, February 14, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 36 through 42

This week was another typical stir-crazy, weathery week in the Midwest.  You all better hope the temperature gets a bit higher soon so you can see photos other than in my living room!

36/365 - I have almost the exact same photo of Little Man playing in the laundry basket at this age as well.  I couldn't help but snap this photo when I saw Little Lady climb in the perfectly same way!

37/365 - So, I'm cheating a little on this one because it's from the same day as the photo above.  But oh my goodness this girl and her cute!

38/365 - Little Man is now in LOVE with the photo challenge.  Any time I have my DSLR out he asks me, "Mama!  Take a picture of MEEEEEE!  Cheeeeeeeese!", and then gives me this face!  {Ohhhh, the orthodontia we're going to fund in the future... someone hold me!}

39/365 - We like to wear our spaghetti in this house.  I've honestly given up on keeping this sweetheart clean.  It's too cold to go topless during a meal, she pulls bibs off ten seconds after getting them on, and she loooooves to be messy!

Since I haven't used any iPhone photos in the challenge so far, I thought I'd show my phone photos some love as well.  All the rest of the photos in this post were taken on the fly from my iPhone 5.

40/365 - Every single time I come to wake Little Man from either his night of sleep or a nap, this is how I find him.  Crammed to the very side of his bed to accommodate his toys, reading a book.  A lot of times I have to listen really closely to hear the pages turning to alert me that he is awake at all.  I would love if he would just come wake me when he wakes in the morning, but even though he knows how to open his door - he won't leave the room until I come get him.

41/365 - This photo isn't the best quality for sure, and I had a few others from this sweet little moment that were super clear - but I really wanted to catch Little Lady's level of excitement while she was playing with her doll.  My parents purchased Little Lady a Stella doll with a magnetic pacifier, and anytime she's on the floor in her room - Little Lady is hugging and kissing this doll.  It's absolutely adorable!

42/365 - I actually kind of love how the focus of this photo is mostly on Little Man's head and everything in the background of that is blurry.  He was loving on these large Lego blocks at co-op this week!  {Almost, but not quite as much as the bounce house one of the mom's brought in later!}

Nurse Loves Farmer

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  1. We have a Stella doll in our house too! We had to rename her since it was too confusing for our dog, who is also named Stella :). Great pictures this week!

  2. Little Lady in the laundry basket with her all staticky is way to cute!! Made me smile. And her playing with her doll, pure love!

  3. Wow - that is quite possibly the best "cheese" face I have ever seen!

  4. I'm so jealous! Whenever I get the camera out Hen screams "Nooooooo!"

  5. So cute!

  6. Love day 38! My kids all went through that phase, so it cracks me up! Eventually they get a little better at smiling, but it comes and goes. Right now my five year old makes the most horribly unnatural-looking smile. So I have to talk and joke with him to get anything decent!

    Love the laundry basket picture! I had one of those last week myself!

  7. Your little one is so cute! Love the rosy cheeks!

  8. Oh my gosh! Day 39! That face! So sweet. You really captured some great photos this week.

  9. Oh my goodness! Your kids are adorable!!

  10. My baby girl was always a mess too. Beware! It doesn't seem to get any better! LOL....

  11. Love your little miss in the laundry basket! My son can't see a camera without saying "cheese" either. :)

  12. Your son has the cutest 'cheese face' I've ever seen! Oh the spaghetti messes! I found that when I did the larger round noodles and baked it that it made less of a mess. Adorable!


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