Friday, February 7, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 29 through 35

This week's Catch the Moment photography goals have been both good and bad.  I actually made it into two photos this week, whereas most times I'm having to make a significant effort to even get in one photo.  So, that was great!

But, we also went to a ton of fun places and did some awesome stuff and I totally spaced it on bringing my camera.  Because it was Little Man's third birthday yesterday, we did a bunch more outings to celebrate - including both the local children's museum and also a bounce house gallery.  I definitely could have brought my camera at least to the museum as DH was with us for that trip - I'm just not in that mode yet.  I think I'm going to add that goal to my list so that I actually start bringing my camera outside of our house!

29/365 - I really think I could take close up shots of Little Lady & Little Man at this angle every single day of this photo challenge and love every photo!

30/365 - Lilo has this spot on our couch, right on top of the seat.  I sort of think it's her way to hide from the kids.

31/365 - Little Man just HAD to wear his 4T pants this particular day, so I had to roll them quite a bit.  He's just transitioning into 3T because of how tall he is, so I have to cinch both the waists of the 3T and 4T pants if he wears them.  I honestly remember thinking that 12 month clothing was huge when he was first born - and some days I look at the 3 and 4T clothing and cannot believe he is this big!

32/365 - These eyes and those rosy cheeks, guys!

33/365 - Normally, I think we're inclined to want to erase every close-up wrinkle and spot, but after taking this photo, I realized just how proud I am of every single wrinkle.  Each night waking, every long day - I've earned those wrinkles one by one!

34/365 - I absolutely love when Little Man is having an extra snuggly day.

35/365 - This little guy and his mischievous grin wanted me to take a picture of his apple.  While I was taking a photo of 'the apple', I caught a few fantastic detail shots of his little mug.

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  1. My kiddos have those little chapped cheeks too. Come on spring!

  2. Gorgeous shots! And you look beautiful, even with those couple of wrinkles!

  3. I love the picture of him eating that apple!

    My little dude (who's nearly 4) is too tall for 2t but waaay too skinny for 3t pants. I feel like he's never going to be in clothes that fit right LOL

  4. These are so sweet! Love the apple picture and the rolled up pants.

  5. The picture of you and your snuggly little guy is adorable! ALSO love the artistry of the apple shot!

  6. You made it into 2 photos - good for you! I also love how you embrace everything about your face - it's so true. Happy birthday to your little guy and adjustable wastes on pants (Old Navy) are a God send for my skinny guy!

  7. I love these, so much. Especially the roll up pant close up and the extra close up of you - you are beautiful!!


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