Wednesday, February 12, 2014

20 questions with my 3 year old!

The other day while I was browsing through my Bloglovin' feed, I read a fantastic post by Kayla Aimee - one of the bloggers I follow. After reading Kayla's conversation with her child, I really wanted to borrow the idea and chronicle Little Man's {and soon Little Lady's} responses through the years!

Getting Little Man to sit down and answer my questions was, well - another story. But over the course of the day he finally answered most of my questions and here they are:

1. What is something that Mama says to you? I love you!

2. What is something that makes you happy? Mommy!

{Can we pause for a moment while I mop myself up off of the floor?  K, thanks.}

3. What is something that makes you sad? I just want to cry in my bed.  IN MY BED I CRY!

{I promise he doesn't cry in his bed.  Lol, not sure where that's coming from, seeing as the kid loves to sleep and his bed is just about his favorite thing ever.}

4. What is something that makes you laugh? Ha, hah!  What makes me laugh, Mama?

5. How old are you? Threeeeee!

6. How old is Mama? A couple go's.

7. How old is Daddy? Three couple go's, too!

8. Who is your best friend? Mommy & Daddy!

{This one tends to rotate between Little Lady, Mommy, & Daddy, which really warms my heart.  Let's pretend that will always be his answer, please!}

My turn!  How old is Little Lady?  Oh!  Well she's one.  Oh, okay!

9. What is your favorite thing to do? Play!

10. What did we do today? We go to Kid's Museum annnnnd.... jumping, too!

{We'd gone to the children's museum the day before and a bounce house place that day.  He kept telling me, "We went to Kid's Museum and then came home and napped and then went to jumping place!"}

11. What's your favorite color? Blue.

12. What's your favorite song? Johnny Cash!

{Apparently Little Lady's incessant pressing of the button on the play Johnny Cash ornament guitar is rubbing off on Little Man as well.  I love that the kids love it, but it's one of those toys that may end up accidentally broken sometime soon, lol!}

He also then said, "I love North Pole!" - which also doesn't surprise me as we still even now listen to the Polar Express soundtrack at least once every day.

13. What's your favorite movie? Mighty Machines!!! Let's go watch it, Mama!

14. What's your favorite food? Chicken! I like chicken!

{Also not a clue where that came from.  The only food Little Man ever requests is "Bread - and a cap!" - which means two pieces of bread.}

15. What are you good at doing? Huh? What I'm good to doing?

{This one went way over his head, even after an explanation.}

16. What's your favorite animal? Like a reindeer, I think.  Yeah!

17. What do you dream about? Let's watch Mighty Machines working hard for yoooooou!


18. What's your favorite book? Nothing. No best.

19. What's your favorite thing to play outside? My mower!

20. What's your favorite fruit to eat? Chicken!  When given options, he yelled, I want an apple!

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