Thursday, January 2, 2014

TNO's Tips & Tricks 43 - Save that Christmas Tree!!!

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Much to DH's chagrin, we have an artificial Christmas tree every year.

Because I'm allergic to pine, I can't have a real tree, garland, or wreaths in our house during the holiday season, unfortunately - which is especially tough for my wonderful husband seeing as he used to go out and get a real tree every year when he was younger.

So a few years ago when we moved into our home and had space enough to house a larger tree, we spent a few more bucks than we typically would on a Christmas tree.  While I believe we spent somewhere between $200-300 on the tree, a similar one can be found here.

I absolutely fell in love with the tree because it actually looks full enough and large enough to be mistaken for real from far away.  Some of the branches have pine cones on them, some have a dusting of white snow on the edges, and some have brown laced in between where the spindles stick off of the branch, making it look like it is a real branch and not just a wire.  When the ornaments and garland are placed on the tree, it looks full, lush, and completes the warm look of our holiday decor.

You can imagine my frustration then, when this year we discovered the top 1/3 of the tree's pre-lit lights had not only gone out, but had melted.

There was no way replacing the bulbs was going to fix any of the lights, and I wasn't sure there was a way to salvage our amazing tree without placing strands of lights over the non-working lights already built into the tree.  While that would work, it would end up looking really silly, and I didn't know if I wanted the tree to have a bunch of random non-lit lights just sitting there on the tree.

Until DH jumped in and was his normal Mr. Fix-it engineering self.

Instead of tossing or donating the tree, he decided to try and remove the lights from each portion of the Christmas tree by clipping out the strands one by one.  It was time consuming and tedious, but by the time he was finished there were no more prelit lights and the tree looked fantastic!  We were able to just add our own strands of lights onto the tree and it looked perfect in a matter of a few minutes of time after he was done.

I am so, so thankful that he took the time to clip out all of the lights - mostly because I love our tree but also because it saved us a boatload of money since we didn't have to buy a new tree.

If this tree ever fails us, our next purchase definitely won't be a prelit tree, but in the mean time we will continue loving on this beauty!

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