Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tips & Tricks 47 - Get a great photo with your iPhone camera!

In my quest to take a photo each day this entire year, I've not only been learning about my DSLR, but also about my iPhone camera - which leads me to my next tip.

No matter how amazing of a photographer you are, there are those times where it just isn't realistic to drag around a DSLR.  I'm constantly taking both kids out by myself, and with one baby on my back and one baby walking next to me holding my hands, I don't have even one hand to be holding onto my DSLR - much less two to actually use it.

So what do I do?

The only thing I can do at that point - revert to my iPhone.

But the innate problem with iPhone cameras is clear - the quality is often bad.  Now, the 8 Megapixel ability of my iPhone 5 is definitely better than the old point and shoot I have sitting around - but it isn't anywhere near the ability of today's point and shoots.  I often find though that when shooting photos with my iPhone camera, that they end up blurry, grainy, and just in general poor in quality - and I often miss the photo I was hoping to catch.

Until I learned this tip.

If I'm taking photos with my iPhone and striking out, I instead switch to video.  I take a video for a minute or so - hopefully catching those moments in between all of my kids' movement - and then turn the camera off.  Later on, I'll go back to that same video and edit out some photos.  To do so, I follow these steps:

- Open the video through your photos app on your iPhone.

- When you have the video open, use your finger to scroll the little white bar at the top through the video.  

I know, I need to charge my battery :)
- As the video scrolls through, you'll be able to stop scrolling when the screen lands on a still picture in the video you like and want to capture.  When you find a still you like, tap the screen once in the middle to get the top and  bottom bars to disappear.  

- Once all you see on your screen is the photo you'd like, simultaneously press both the round home button and the top right power/on-off button at the same time.  The screen should white out for just a moment.

- If you then go back to your phone's photo album, your new photo will be in your album.  

- You can edit on the iPhone or send it to your computer to edit on better software there.

Using this technique, I've been able to catch quite a few photos that I otherwise was too slow to catch with the regular iPhone camera.  If you're in a bind without access to a camera and can't get a shot of your mobile child - try this method!

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  1. What a great idea! I'm not tech savvy - do you know if this will work on Android too?

    1. Hi Rose! You can't directly take a still image from a video on Android unless you have an app to do so. There are some apps out there with that function, but I'm not sure of names or app costs as I don't have an android. If you find one that works, I'd love it if you could come back and leave it in the comments for others that have the same question! :)

  2. I would have never thought of this, thanks!

  3. THANK YOU!!! I needed this! All of my pictures lately of Little Lady have been blurry or of her not looking. Going to put this to use now, Thanks for sharing! :D


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