Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tips & Tricks #44 - Use Under-bed Storage!

During my pregnancy with Little Man, I prepared and nested like most mothers do.  I purchased clothing for him, I separated all the outfits and onesies by age and size in corresponding drawers, I stocked the closet with blankies, memory boxes, and toys.  I thought I had the whole nursery organization bit under control.

Until he was born.

Once Little Man was born, we were so lucky to have awesome family and friends who showered us with hand-me-downs until his drawers and hanging closet storage were both bursting at the seams and there was still more to be put away.

Enter the under-bed {or crib, in this case} storage.

I absolutely LOVE a good, functional under-bed storage container.  The key here though is that you have to make it functional, because if it becomes another place that you store stuff you'll never use again, then you probably shouldn't even splurge on the container.

In our nursery, I use the under-bed storage container to keep all of the clothing in the next size up for the kids.  Whenever I hit up a second hand shop, garage sale, or come across some lovely hand-me-down's from family or friends that are too large for Little Man in the past or now Little Lady in the nursery, I immediately wash them and they get put away into the under-bed container.  That way, when she is starting to size up into the next clothing size, all I have to do is transfer the older clothing into a storage bin for the basement and transfer the next size from under the crib and into the drawers.  So simple, so contained, and so easy.

Some ideas for use of under-bed storage without children can include things like cold-weather shoes, wintery socks and slippers, sweaters, or even things like hats, scarves or mittens.  When the seasons change, you'll know exactly where to find all those little items that can get misplaced easily otherwise.

To keep your budget in line, try to find simple, inexpensive pieces like {aff links} this shoe organizer.  I prefer the shoe organizer for smaller items like children's clothing or hats and scarves as they keep everything more put together than a jumble of items thrown into one open container.  If you're planning on sweaters or larger items like comforters, this undivided organizer may better fit your needs.

Do you use under-bed organizers or containers to store items in your home?  How do you use yours?

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  1. Do you like the Container Store? I get so overwhelmed when I go there and leave with nothing.

    1. This under-bed storage container was from Target, I believe? But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Container Store. Like, I actually stay away from there because it's ridiculously dangerous to let me anywhere near their wares as I could blow a TON of cash there.

      I think though, that you have to give yourself a limit if you really want to make a trip there work. I typically leave with 1-2 items that cost less than $5-10 each, and let those small changes eventually increase into big payoffs with overall organization. I also try to get ideas when I go as to things I can DIY at home :)


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