Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spring weather in winter? I'll take it!

Winter, while not unbearable in the Naptown area, is not the ideal time for parents.

This probably isn't new information for anyone.

My kids don't tend to want to go outside into the snow or cold as much as I think we should, so more often than not we end up inside trying to whatever possible to burn the excess energy off.  In the back of my mind, it doesn't so much bother me though - as seriously no fail every time I get Little Man in his coat, boots, hat, & gloves and then the same with Little Lady, put on my jacket and hat, the baby carrier, and then Little Lady in the baby carrier someone always either has to potty or poops their diaper.


But we recently had a little reprieve for a few days where the snow melted and the temperatures hit a high of around 50 degrees!  And you better bet that we were outside as much as humanly possible.

Here's what happened first:

That lasted for only a little while, until we needed to make a road in chalk on our driveway.  That lasted for a whole 10 minutes prior to Little Man remembering how long it had been since we'd been to the park - at which point he absolutely required to walk to the park at that moment.

Until we hit the end of our street, at which point he realized that we hadn't been to the pond to see the ducks recently, so we had to make a quick stop to look for the ducks {that were pretty obviously not swimming around at this point in the year}.

On the way back from seeing the non-existent ducks, Little Man was distracted by the fire hydrant and definitely had to take a break from his trek to the park to tell me all about how the fire engine hooks up to the hydrant to get water to put out the fires.

Instead of continuing on the park at that point, Little Man remembered that he hadn't ridden his bike in a few months, so for sure it was imperative that we return back to the house in order to get out his bike and take a roll around our street.

All the while, this was happening...

I absolutely adore this life.  There is seriously nothing better.

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  1. Hen had so much fun playing outside yesterday too. He has some serious cabin fever after the cold snap we just had.

  2. Ha! We didn't end up getting to play outside due to everyone being sick for the 100th time in as many days. Oh springtime. Where are you?


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