Sunday, January 26, 2014

Secondhand Sunday #6 - Kitchen Table Chairs

After I repainted my parents' old kitchen table, I was left with a slight problem - chairs.

Initially when we were given the table, my parents also gave us four chairs that came with the table.  Somehow, though, in the process of moving between at least two apartments and our house one of the chairs was broken.  And I'm not talking like, dinged broken.  I'm talking like the seat of the chair was completely cracked in half.

So, not so able to be repaired.  Onto my secondhand search.

I started searching our marketplace for a set of four chairs.  I looked for probably a month or two for the perfect set, and actually when I found them - I almost passed them by.  I inquired about them to the seller but really didn't think I was going to purchase them.  Mainly, I didn't think I'd be buying them because two of the chairs had arms and two were armless.  But after seeing them in person, I negotiated just a twidge and brought these lovely babies home in the back of my car.

Part of the reason I was able to negotiate the chairs to a lower rate {I believe I spent $20 for all four chairs} was because there was a spindle or two broken in the backs of one of the chairs.  I'm not sure if that was why the seller {who repurposes furniture as a business} sold these to me with only primer on them, but DH was able to fix the spindles in about a half hour with some wood glue, some clamps, and some sandpaper when they were dry.

The first thing I ended up doing with these chairs was a massive clean-up.  They were full of cobwebs, tape, dirt, and scuffs.  After a good cleaning, I sanded a few spots down and then did one more quick wash/wipe.

DH and I began by priming these again with a brush, but quickly switched to spray painting when we realized how much of a pain that was.  After a coat more of primer just to be safe {because that's how I roll}, DH and I spray painted the chairs the oceany blue-green color.  It took probably a can or so for each chair of Valspar spray paint to cover the way I wanted it to look, but it totally did the job.

We added these chairs to the breakfast nook in our kitchen with our chalkboard table, and I have to tell you friends - I'm in love.

What do you think?  Worth my $20 on those old chairs?

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  1. Love these! Debating on how to go about repainting 6 chairs I currently have for our table. How has the spray paint held up? Thanks!

    1. The spray paint has held up really well to everyday use. My husband set one of the chairs on the table trying to replace the pad under one of the legs and knocked the whole chair off onto the floor, which dinged one part of the paint - but I'd say dropping any chair on the floor would lead to a similar result. Lol.

  2. What is the name of the color you used? Love it! Thanks!!!

    1. I believe it was Flat le Fonda Mirage - you can find more info from another blogger's post here with comparisons between that color and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!


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