Sunday, January 12, 2014

Secondhand Sunday #5 - LL Bean Infant Fleece Coveralls

Somewhere in the first year of Little Lady's life, we acquired a purple fleece coverall (age 12-18 months).  I can't exactly remember where it came from - but am guessing it was either a hand me down from my aunt/cousin or one of my friends.  Either way, my guess is that I more than likely was given this for free or maybe spent $1 on it depending on the friend from which it came.

If I did end up spending $1 on it - that may have been the best dollar I've spent this year.

The purple LL Bean fleece coverall {retailing at $49.95, so a $48.95 savings for our family} for Little Lady is fantastic.  As a babywearing mother, I often overload Little Lady with layers to make sure she's still warm - especially since she's basically immobile while on my back.  Yes, she is feeling my body warmth, but it's not like she's running around or active enough to work her body heat up at all.  Prior to remembering we had the fleece bunting, I would put her in a onesie, long sleeve top, leggings, sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks, shoes, winter jacket, and hat.  I haven't found a pair of gloves she'll keep on yet, so in that case I mainly tried to find really oversized tops or sweatshirts to cover her teeny fingers and hands.

Even with all of that on, sometimes I'd still see her hands coming out or her sock would ride down and there would be open skin that would get cold - and it was extremely frustrating to have to tell Little Man that 10 minutes after we'd gotten outside to play that we needed to go in.

With the really thick, heavy fleece coverall, I can have Little Lady in a onesie, footed sleeper, and hat only underneath.  The coverall's roll over cuffs are able to be flipped over and closed off so that there is no need for shoes or gloves.

The other day in 20 degree weather with snow falling all around us, we were outside for almost an hour with Little Lady on my back in her coverall and when I brought the kids back in {outside of her adorable rosy cheeks} Little Lady felt toasty warm and comfortable on the inside once unzipped.

Babywearing parent or otherwise - had I known how awesome the heavy fleece suit was earlier?  I'd have definitely purchased one on the cheap for Little Man as well!

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