Sunday, January 5, 2014

Secondhand Sunday #4 - DIY Painted Wicker Baskets

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When we were planning Little Man's nautical themed toddler room - I put myself on a serious budget.

There are so many cute room decorations and furniture pieces that if left to my own devices, I could spend more than a pretty penny updating each room in our home.  But since I know that his toddler room design will last likely the same amount of time that the nursery decor did {2-3 years tops}, I wanted to make sure we stayed in line and kept it low-cost.

We purchased furniture from IKEA and Target, bought fabric & had some amazing friends and family make curtains, bedding, and bunting flags, as well as found accessories on the cheap.

Several of the items in his toddler room were already sitting around our home - including a set of three wicker baskets I was able to quickly re-purpose for only the cost of a few bottles of spray paint.

The paint job for these baskets literally took me around 15 minutes to complete.  I took them out into our backyard, set them on an unfolded shipping box, and painted away.  {The shipping box was preferable to a sheet as I was spray painting in the grass - so the base of the baskets sitting on a flat surface was better for even paint at the bottom.}  I believe it only took me two {thicker} coats of paint and then I was finished.  The spray paint I used was a Krylon paint + primer - and I used two different colors, brown and white.  In total, this project cost me around $16 total.

Overall, I'm really, really happy with the way this DIY project turned out.  Simple, easy, affordable, and quick!  We use these baskets to store extra toys, shoes, clothes - whatever!

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