Monday, January 27, 2014

My Babywearing ISO List

I've finally hit that point in my babywearing journey.

Yep, that's right.

I have an "In Search Of" or ISO list.

At some point in your babywearing journey, you develop a keen eye for what you like, don't like, want, and would love to have even if it's extremely unlikely you'll ever own these wraps or carriers.  In that quest, I've found a certain list of carriers/wraps that I would LOVE in which to wear my children.

Without further ado, on we go:

Pavo Etini Holly 7

Gorgeous, right?  I've been looking for a 7 for a long time, and when I saw a friend selling this on the swap, I realized just a few moments too late that this was definitely one of my ISO's.  Thankfully, I have a fantastic BWI co-leader who tracked this beauty down {just after I originally wrote this post} and traded one of her wraps to get this one for me.  Sometimes I wonder just how lucky I am to have such amazing friends.  I don't typically love bold colors, but this wrap is gorgeous and it has a little bit of a sentimental meaning with the name as well - so I'm very glad this one ended up on my permastash list instead of my ISO list!

Let's go back to my love of buckles for a moment.

Kinderpack Bella Toddler Standard Strap 

I love a good soft structured carrier, as many of you know.  With Little Lady, our Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo in Portofino has been my number one reached for carrier.  However, it is already a little bit on the small side seat-wise for my very tall Little Man - and I would love to size up into a toddler carrier.  I have vacillated back and forth between a Tula Toddler and a Kinderpack, but I just think this is the carrier for us.

Back to wrap world again for a moment...

Didymos Eva 6

Ever since I found out we were having a girl, I've wanted to buy a really girly wrap.  We have so much neutral stuff, that I'd love to be able to wear Little Lady in a bright pink and purple wrap mainly because I love it so much.  This wrap would be an excellent teaching wrap {and learning!} as well because the rails are striped.  With a striped wrap, it's easier to see exactly which rail you're tightening and if you're twisted or have mixed up your rails.  And I love this one!

Toddler Carrier!

Little Man currently has his own ring sling that he loves, from an awesome friend of ours - but as many of you know - we're a babywearing obsessed family.  Lol.  I'd love to have two carriers - one for each child.  The next doll carrier we add for the kids to play with is definitely going to be a soft structured carrier, and I'm loving on the Urban Elephant print (not pictured below) of the Kinderpack doll carrier (pictured below).

There are a few more on my list, but I think these are the main carriers and wraps on my ISO list lately.  Do any of you have ISO lists?  What do yours look like?

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  1. We love our didymos and it's print. I am so looking for a soft carrier like the kinderpack.

  2. That first wrap is goregous!!! I love my didymos wrap. I have Firestone in a 6. I think for my next wrap I'll get a 5. I have also been thinking of getting a Tula when Ryker is bigger. I used the Ergo with Noah and Xander all the way past 2 but have heard great things about the Tula and the Kinderpak.


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