Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Lady's Mini-Celebration

Instead of having a crazy day on Little Lady's actual first birthday, we spent it celebrating in a more low-key way this year.  Since the joint birthday party for both children is in just a few short weeks, we celebrated with balloons, cupcakes, signs, and snuggles.

On Little Man's birthday we let him typically choose a movie and a snack he likes and curl up on the couch to cuddle and see a show, but since Little Lady is so teeny yet, she's too young for that.  She did get a few sweets we typically don't keep around the house though, and her response was too funny.

I wish I had my camera when she initially saw the cupcakes in the morning, because oh my goodness her eyes got so wide I had to laugh.  But I think she was equally as impressed as she dug in to have a bite.

Oh, and Little Man?

I think it's safe to say he enjoyed the day as well!

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