Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Co-ed Sibling Woodland Birthday Party - Part Two

Since yesterday's post went through all of the party and planning details, I thought today I'd post the fun stuff - kids, family, fun, and CAKE!!!

{this post is also going to be quite picture heavy!}

 Little Man checking out an owl mask before guests started to arrive.  In the days prior to the party he would only wear the bear mask, but on the day of the party he was all about the owl.

Playing with Grampy's phone and a few snuggles during.

Some after-nap snuggles with Grammy from my latecomer to the party.

Oh, hey guys!  I'm one!

And then a few snuggles with Nana.  Little Lady was so cute the day after the party - when Nana would get up from playing she legitimately pouted and cried.  One time she followed Nana to the baby gate and stood on the other side and cried for her.  I'm not looking forward to the kids waking up tomorrow morning and seeing all our family had to head home.

 Reading with the very sweet son of my cousin - after a few cake pops and a very chocolatey mouth!

An early view of the party, before everyone arrived and I could barely move around to take a photo.  Thirty people in our house was maybe pushing it just a twidge.  Lots of love, though, and no complaining about that!

Some hugs from my Aunt E!

 Little Lady started out by contemplating this whole cake thing.  I was seriously nervous we'd be feeding another one year old their smash cake with a fork, like we had to do on Little Man's first birthday.  Until...

 ...Raise your hand if you love cake!

 Little Man did a bit of this...

 ...And then quite a bit of this.  Just like when he was one year old, Little Man really didn't want to actually touch his cake with his hands.

 We were trying to pose for a family photo together, until...

One sweet little miss decided Mama's hair and sweater needed to be held.  Shower for both of us, anyone?

 While Little Lady & Mama got cleaned up, Little Man played trucks and read books with Auntie P.

 After Little Lady had her bath, she was back down to play with Nana & Pop Pop.

 Grammy and Grampy had a few smiles while the kids played.

And ahhhhhh, the party is over - now I can relax!!!

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  1. Soooo cute!! I absolutely love the shot of your son biting into the cake!


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