Monday, January 20, 2014

Co-ed Sibling Woodland Birthday Party - Part One!

Because I took SO many photos at the kids' party this weekend, I'm going to have to split this up into two posts.  Today's post will highlight some of the more specific decor, food, and fun aspects of the party - whereas tomorrow's post will be more personal and stuffed to the brim with baby and family photos.

Either way, these posts may be a little huge.

As for the decor, food, and fun - most of these items were handmade by myself.  Mainly because I'm cheap, but a little bit also because I'm really cheap.  :)  I'll add in after each photo where I purchased or found the items!

woodland birthday party diy animal masks (owl, raccoon, bear, fox, etc.) and chalkboard picture frame sign
 Entryway decor - faux pine branch from Hobby Lobby {after Christmas 50% off sale what, what?}, moss from Michael's craft store, candles, vase of pinecones, and chalkboard picture frame all items I previously owned.

woodland birthday party DIY masks (owl, raccoon, bear, fox, etc.)
 Mask bowl - stuffing from Party City, bowl I already owned, masks from Paper & Fondant on Etsy and then printed/laminated by me.

woodland birthday party food snack and candy table and decor / decorations
 Snack table - Moss, faux branch as noted above.  Vases, candles, frame, and candy dishes {I believe from Pottery Barn?} are all items I previously owned.

woodland birthday party drinks and signs - water bottle wraps

Paper signs created by me on PicMonkey.  Water bottle wraps free from this site, printed and affixed by me.

woodland birthday party drink and beverage station with keurig and striped straws
Chalkboard frame was a piece I already owned.  Bird's nest bowl from Michael's, cups, spoons, and paper napkins from Party City.  Keurig and K-cups courtesy of DH's obsession with coffee.  

woodland birthday party themed paper straws

Straws from The Simply Chic Shop on Etsy.

woodland birthday party leaf garland and wood / burlap / arrow bunting banner
 Happy Birthday sign custom designed for us by Sunshine and Sage.  Felt garland made with a green felt sheet, some twine, and felt glue by myself.  {My Tips & Tricks post here highlights how I made the felt leaf garland!}

woodland birthday party games / fun - painting birdhouses
 Birdhouse painting station with birdhouses from Michael's.  Outdoor paint {in bowl} from Meijer.  Frame {which I didn't get a great photo of here} previously owned by me and smocks in the far right of the photo from Crayola.

woodland birthday party food table - berries, spiral wraps, tree cakes, smash cakes, cupcakes, cookies
 Main food table - pinecones, trays {previously purchased from the dollar store}, and glass cake stand all previously owned by myself.  Paper products from Party City, tablecloths {here and elsewhere} from Party City, wooden tree slab cake stands from Michael's.  We also last minute {after these photos were taken} realized that we forgot to put out the veggie tray, so the table moved around just slightly to accommodate that tray as well.

woodland birthday party food - cupcakes

Chocolate fudge cupcakes made by me with box cake mix and liners by Wilton here with Betty Crocker canned decorating icing {I used the star tip that came with the can}.  We made 24 cupcakes in total, and at least 2-3 of them never made it to the party.  It wasn't all me, I promise.

woodland birthday party food - assorted berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)

Fruit tray - mainly with berries to fit the woodland theme.

woodland birthday party food - spiral turkey, ham, and spinach wraps with avocado aioli

Turkey and spinach spirals on spinach wraps & ham and spinach spirals on tomato wraps - both with avocado aioli and all homemade by DH and myself.  If how fast these went were any indication of how they tasted - we'll do these again for parties in the future.  We made roughly 70 spirals and my dad finished the last one off after our last guests departed.  For ingredients and recipe, check out my post here.

woodland birthday party food - cake pops

Cake pops courtesy of a bakery in town - as I've tried and failed several times to make decent enough cake pops for our parties.  We had a crowd of around 30 people at our house and had 30 cake pops - with 5 left over after.

woodland birthday party food - wood / wooden themed cake
 Tree bark main birthday cake from boxed mix with canned frosting, but made and decorated by myself.

woodland birthday party food - wood / wooden theme initial smash cake

Smash cakes with the kids' initials on them - again boxed cake mix and canned frosting made by myself.

woodland birthday party outfits for boy and girl - shirts and tutu / bow

I'll highlight a few of these outfits above on the photos of the kids in my next post, but for now here's a preview of what they wore - Little Lady's tutu and bow were from 1113 Sweet Pea Lane on Etsy and Little Lady &  Little Man's shirts were from Daisy & June on Etsy.

Overall, I was really pleased with how the party turned out - what do you think?

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  1. You did such a great job, what an awesome party and I love all the details!

  2. I think it looks adorable, flash or no flash!

    1. Thanks! I think it's funny because the berries image is the one being pinned the most right now, hah!

  3. You did awesome! The party looks amazing!

    1. Wish you lived closer so we could come to each other's kids' parties! :(

  4. This is AMAZING! Love everything, wow!!


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