Friday, January 31, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 - Days 22 through 28

So I might be just about over half and half on meeting my Catch the Moment 365 goals for the month of January.  If you don't remember my original post, I'll refresh my goals here:

- Try to take one photo per day.
- Try to use a real camera to do so.
- Link up those photos once per week.
- Expand the use of my camera {I'd like to be shooting in manual by the end of the year}
- Take at least one photo per week {or have DH take the photo} with me in it.
- Take at least one photo per month of our whole family.
- At some point during the year, purchase a remote control for the camera to make taking the above photos easier. 

I've been doing really well on the first few of those goals, maybe not so much on the last few.  I've taken quite a few more photos than one per day, using only my DSLR - even though it wasn't my original intent to switch over completely.  I've also been linking up once per week.  I also did attempt to get a family photo taken of us at the birthday party, so we hit our once a month whole family photo.

I'm pretty sure I completely failboated on taking a photo of myself with the kids or family once a week.  I think that I maybe made the blog once this series so far.  I'm guessing, though - that problem won't be solved until I hit the last point of purchasing a remote, because I'm not omni-present, I'm not that great with a timer and a tripod {and really, who feels safe using a tripod with a two and one year old running around}, and it's kind of tough to take selfies with a DSLR.  I also have taken most of my photos on auto - and most with a, gulp, flash.  This month, I've really been focusing on getting my perspective right and adjusting the angle at which I'm taking the photos.  Hopefully - that's improving a bit!

Either way, here are this week's photos!

22/365: Little Lady is finally starting to grow a good crop of hair to the point where it's starting to turn into a longer neck covering - ahem, mullet.  Lol.

23/365: Our make-shift gross motor activity in this crazy cold weather.  Little Man ran around on his "road" seriously all day.

24/365: Little Lady goes to this spot every.single.time we're in the living room.  She actually does love to sit down and read the books, but I'm pretty positive her favorite thing is to pull every single book down off the shelf.  Over, and over, and over again.

25/365: Little Man's excitement over DH bringing some work home.  He seriously thinks his dad has the coolest job on the planet.  I think he keeps trying to get me to top it by saying I work on helicopters.  No dice, kiddo.

26/365: When this little miss plays with a sensory bin, she really gets into it.  No rest for the vacuum cleaner in this house!  Also, I love how Little Man's hands are very tentatively clutching his measuring spoon as he watches Little Lady dig in.

27/365: Oh, who - me?  You know, just lounging in your clean laundry.

28/365: Re-using some party decorations in another sensory bin!  This one was a bit less messy than the oatmeal and therefore much preferred by Little Man.  I may be stretching it here, but I can still see juuuuuuust a teensy bit of baby-toddler hand in this photo.

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  1. I keep meaning to make sensory bins and never get around it it. For like 3.5 years now. Ugh!

    I think the colorful road will, however, be our next rainy day activity! Love it!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I have the remote, it was only around $20 on amazon. So great! I love having the flexibility to include myself in photos without the stress of using the self timer. Your kids are adorable!

  3. Day 27 is so cute! Great photos this week. It looks like it was a fun week!

  4. Oh no, those are definitely still little guy hands. I know because my kiddos hands don't look anything like that anymore! LOL...

    Love the idea for the road, especially if it kept him entertained all day while being cooped up inside. That's a great way to burn off a little guy's energy. The photo you took of him running on it? Even better than your great idea! :0)

  5. Just so much cuteness for the week I can't choose my favorite this week. Love them all! And yes my remote was super cheap as well off of Amazon!

  6. Oh, that little face in the laundry picture - what a sweet expression you've captured!

  7. The sensory bins and the colorful road are such great ideas! I would love to do some sensory bin stuff. Maybe I can get to that this week! Definitely want to try the road, I think my son would like that. :) And omg the first pic - the soft baby hair!! I feel like I can just sense the softness through the picture. I love it!

    1. We're kind of to that point of winter that if we don't do something, we're all going crazy over here :)

  8. The face on day 27! So sweet and cheeky!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love how your making their days more entertaining through the sensory bins and gross motor activities! Go Mommy!!

  10. Great photos. Love the gross motor activity. Looks like a blast! Sadly I lost my remote. I use the term lost loosely's actually just misplaced. I havent' seen it since the night I did the light painting photography so it's somewhere in this house. I decided to add get a family photo once a month to my goals too. We really are horrible about thinking to get any, even at big events.


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