Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tips & Tricks 42 - Keep your strawberries fresh!

If you're anything like me - you hate wasting food.

I mean, we work hard to meal plan and watch our budget - so when it comes to throwing away food, I'm definitely not a big fan.  But there is one specific food that always gets me.  The kids love them, I love them, they're a great treat - but it seems this fruit goes bad faster than you can think:


Right?  Who here has brought a container of strawberries home, plunked them in that bottom drawer of your fridge, and then promptly forgotten about them until you return a few days later to a gross, moldy mess?

I'll raise my hand in shame to that one.

However, recently I ran across a few tips that may change the way we store our strawberries to keep them fresher for longer!

It turns out that immediately washing your strawberries in the sink with the rest of the fruits and veggies isn't the best option.  So, instead of immediately pre-washing your strawberries, follow these steps to prep while all your other produce soaks in the sink.

1. Grab a container with an air-tight lid.

2.  Line the bottom of the container with a washcloth or paper towel.

3.  Arrange your strawberries on top of the washcloth so they have a little wiggle room.  

4.  Place another washcloth or paper towel on top of your first layer.

5.  Continue to layer as needed, but the more layers you add the quicker they'll go bad.

6.  Close container and place in the fridge.  Wash as needed, resealing container each time you're finished.

By washing your strawberries when they're ready to be eaten and not days before, they don't suck up as much water and won't get mushy as quickly.  The washcloth or paper towels also help to keep your strawberries dry.  As noted, if you double or triple layer your strawberries in a deep container, they're more likely to go bad more quickly.  We have a longer tupperware container that works perfectly or {best case} if you have a long glass casserole dish with a lid like the one below {aff link} - that would be perfect for this use!

How do you currently store your strawberries?  Do you have the same problem with quick rotting/molding?

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  1. I've read that soaking them I vinegar and water helps. I don't really do anything at the moment but make sure they are somewhere i will see them every time i open the fridge. My son is a strawberry hound so we usually get through them. :)

    I just learned a trick from my in laws with grapes. Soak them in some water, add salt and swish them around then rinse with fresh water. The amount of gross things that comes off the grapes is amazing!


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