Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tips & Tricks 41 - Premade Breakfast!

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Mornings are hard.

Some days, by the time I get Little Lady nursed and changed, Little Man changed, both kids downstairs, in their chairs, and breakfast on the table, I'm already exhausted.  It's just a lot.  Some days, it honestly takes a half hour to an hour after the kids wake in the morning to get everyone at the table with breakfast - and I really don't want to spend any extra minutes making breakfast for the kids or myself.

Cue a pre-made breakfast.

In our household, we do multiple types of pre-made breakfasts.  Here are a few that have gone over really well:

- Frozen Pancakes

If I'm dirtying all the dishes to make pancakes one morning - I'll make a huge batch.  Sometimes I'll even make almost a full box at one time.  To stretch the recipe even further, I'll add in extras like pumpkin puree, beet puree, blueberries, bananas, whatever else I have around at the moment.  Most always, I'll substitute applesauce for the eggs if called for in the recipe, because it makes them just that much fluffier and eliminates the extra cholesterol. Once I cook the pancakes, I freeze everything that we don't eat that morning.

After the pancakes are frozen, I can grab a few when I need them and prepare them by popping them in the toaster oven for 3 minutes while I'm buckling everyone in their chairs.  It's ridiculously easy and much cheaper {and healthier, if you use the right mix and ingredients} than buying pre-cooked frozen pancakes.

-Frozen Waffles

Repeat the same process above, only using your waffle iron.  We have this model and I use the heck out of it to make waffles at home for our family.  Again, much cheaper than buying a bazillion boxes of Eggo waffles and healthier if you use the right stuff.

- Eggs

As I've mentioned, we're not huge into eggs in our household.  But, there are a few recipes I've been meaning to try for DH who loves grabbing an egg or two in the morning on his way to work - specifically this recipe I found for eggs as seen in the photo below.

I will mention, I know there are a bunch of friends of mine who do overnight oatmeal, but we haven't done that one.  Since we have a Keurig, I basically just dump the packet into a bowl and press the smallest cup setting and the oatmeal is done - so in our home it doesn't take that long.  But for those that are interested, head over to the Momma Bear Diaries and ask my lovely friend Tiffany a few questions about it - I know she's done overnight oatmeal as a part of her clean eating routine!

What are some ways you pre-make your breakfast meals?  Would you ever try any of these ideas?

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  1. Its so funny that you posted this today, I was just thinking of looking up some easy recipes. Thank you for posting :)

  2. My husband loves to make breakfast burritos on Sunday afternoon so he can eat them during the week before work. Who wants to cook breakfast at 5:30AM?


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