Sunday, December 15, 2013

Secondhand Sunday #3 - DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Table

If you follow TNO on social media, you may have seen the rumblings of several painting projects I did this summer - one of which being our new-to-us kitchen table.  Today's Secondhand Sunday will highlight the little piece of awesome I rehabbed back to life for our kitchen!

Prior to having children, DH & I bought a really nice table, chairs, and baker's rack set for our kitchen that was made of metal and glass.  It was really nice looking, but maybe not so safe for children.  We kept it throughout Little Man's early stages, but as he became more & more mobile we were on the hunt for something a bit safer.

Being the deal-hunter that I am, I watched our local marketplace pages for months trying to find a table that looked like this $600 beauty I'd been eyeing on Pottery Barn {image from}:

But sadly, I wasn't seeing anything like what I wanted on our marketplace.  And there was no way that I had the desire or the funds to drop $600+ on a table to actually buy it from Pottery Barn.

We'd be doing a lot of standing, because then we probably couldn't afford chairs!

One day though, while grabbing some items out of our basement, I realized that I had a table given to us {for free} by my parents several years ago.  It was the table in my parents' dining room that I ate on for every dinner at my house growing up, so it also had some warm fuzzies and mushy thoughts attached to it.  We only had three chairs for the table, but a quick swap on the marketplace left me out only about $5 for a new set after selling the old three chairs.  I digress though, as that's a story for another post.

Back to our lovely kitchen table - here are the before photos:

DIY chalkboard painted kitchen table

Because this table was sitting around in our basement not being used and it was in a little iffy quality at this point {as it's close to my age, which - you know - makes it a spring chicken, right?} - it was a great option to be painted and rehabbed.  The table had dings all over the base, all around the sides of the top, and the laminated top had chips and watermarks in several places, so I didn't feel guilty giving it a new life.

I'd always wanted to paint something in our house with chalkboard paint, and our kitchen table was a great opportunity.  Since we have a separate, more formal dining room - there's no need for our kitchen table to be anything more than a warm, informal, family gathering space.  I'd also envisioned DH and the kids working on math problems when they get a bit bigger in chalk on the table.  And it puts my crunchy heart at ease knowing I can just jot a few notes on our table while saving some paper!

The process of actually painting the table was pretty simple.  Here's step one:

DIY painted chalkboard kitchen table

Let's be honest.  I almost just stopped here.  I love, love, love the plain white table look so much that after our kids get too old for a chalkboard table, I probably will sand off the top and take it back white.  But for now - chalkboard it will be.  Anyway, I digress again.

That seems to be happening quite a bit in this post.  Maybe I need some coffee?

I used Bullseye Primer from Lowe's, which ran me just over $20 for the gallon - but I have quite a bit left over that will be used for future projects.  Since the primer claims to "stick to anything" I didn't sand a thing before priming.  The only step I took before priming was to wipe down the surfaces and get rid of any dirt or cobwebs since the table hadn't been used in so long.

I put several coats of primer on the table because I'm a perfectionist and that's how I roll.  Most people probably would have been able to get by with 2 coats for this specific project.  I did prime both the wood and the laminate top, and the primer adhered to both with no problems whatsoever.

Well, minus an unfortunate event where the tabletop was scraped before it fully cured by DH & I's user error when we were moving it.  But that was a simple extra coat addition that was quickly completed and fixed the problem.

Let's just pretend that part didn't happen.  Onto step 2!

DIY kitchen painted chalkboard table

Step two included painting the base of the table white and the top of the table with chalkboard paint.  This part of the project cost me about $30 for the white paint and chalkboard paint - but again I have plenty left over of both to be used for future projects.

I did find that the chalkboard paint covered the best if I used a small roller and alternated directions in rolling the paint with each coat.  I believe the chalkboard paint took 3-4 coats to achieve that true black look, as initially it looked very gray and you could see the roller lines in the paint.

We left the table in our garage for at least a few days - maybe even a week - before we brought it inside so that the paint could really have time to dry and we wouldn't screw it up again before it was finished.  This was probably overkill, but - you know - that's still me, too!

That only leaves us with Step 3:

We absolutely love the chalkboard table and use it all the time to write, draw, scribble grocery lists, write quick messages {and love notes} to each other, and - as seen above - do complex math equations with our toddler.

Dear DH, I love you.

But really, the chalkboard table has been a fantastic option for our family.  And since I sold our old table/chairs and baker's rack, I actually made money on the deal - seeing as I sold those for way more than the $50 price tag of the project.

I'd say this was one secondhand project in which I came out way on top.

What do you think?

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  1. My parents actually did this for me as I was much younger. It was so smart!!

    -Rocko Barbieri
    Kitchen Remodeling NJ

  2. What kind of chalkboard paint did you use, and how do you keep it looking "new" on a daily basis?

    1. We just purchased a quart of chalkboard paint from Lowe's - I think Valspar? It wasn't any special name brand. I wipe the table down probably 2-3 times per day depending on how messy the kids are and that keeps it looking fresh.

      I will say though, that we initially used chalkboard markers and it wouldn't wash off completely. I remedied that by painting a quick coat of the chalkboard paint one more time and it was back to looking perfect!

  3. I love your blog so much! This was such a fabulous idea! I'm so happy you linked up with us at the Create Link Inspire party! Your post was featured today!


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