Sunday, December 8, 2013

Secondhand Sunday #2 - Melissa & Doug Wooden Walker

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For today's second installment of Secondhand Sunday, I'm adding another item I've been searching for to give to Little Lady for Christmas.

Ever since a few months ago at a play group in my friend's home, I've been eyeing the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy.  We have a few walkers/push toys from Little Man, but they're plastic and fairly light.  Whenever he would try to walk behind any of the push toys we have, they weren't heavy enough to give him any support until he could actually walk completely independently.

When I saw the alligator push toy at a friend's home, it was sturdy enough that the children using it could push behind it while standing and actually be given a little support - and I knew that it would be a much better option for our pre-walking Little Lady.

And then I went to look it up online.  Sigh.

The alligator walker above {and any of the other wooden walkers I researched in addition to it} seemed to range in price from $50-75 each unless I caught a sale.  Even with a sale, that typically only took $5-10 off of the price - which was still really steep for me to budge on for a toy the kids only use for a short period of time.  After being dismally greeted with lackluster Black Friday deals on wooden walkers, I decided instead to once again hit up our local marketplace pages to try and find a better option.

After a quick post on our local In Search Of board, within a day I had a mom respond back that she was selling her gently used Melissa & Doug Alligator Push Toy for a whopping $6.

Six dollars?


A few days later, I brought this fun toy home with a savings of $44+, and Little Lady will find a new-to-her fun toy sitting underneath the Christmas tree!

Anyone else have a good secondhand find this week?

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  1. Pretty much every year we have one used toy under the tree. We have saved so much money and the kids don't care if it's used or new. :)


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