Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December means so much more.

As a few of you saw on my Instagram the other day, we put up our Christmas decorations after returning home from our Thanksgiving trip.

It was just about one of the top memories I have as a parent to this point, coming up just next to my kids' births and those moments like when Little Man told me he loved me for the first time.  One of those memories I hope I'll remember my whole life.

On the outside, it was a typical holiday.  We'd returned from a very long drive home through the night from the south after visiting family and spent the subsequent day trying to catch up on as much sleep as two parents can with two babies age two and under.  After spending an unreasonable amount of time unpacking, I began to immediately press for putting up the tree and - in typical fashion - DH immediately began to grumble.

What is it with husbands and not wanting to put up the holiday decor every.single.year?  They know it's coming!


I hauled the tree up from the basement and placed it and all of the boxes in the middle of our living room, the kids became extremely excited that, "Christmas is coming out!" and DH caved and started unpacking boxes.  Little Lady sat happily in her chair eating dinner, DH wrestled with putting together our lovely hypoallergenic faux Christmas tree, and Little Man & I made hot chocolate and pulled out some cookies.

Somewhere amid Little Man's wide, excited eyes watching the Polar Express in between hanging about 20 ornaments in the same spot, Little Lady's giggles and smiles, and DH's happy sigh that he assembled the tree correctly {while realizing that his part of Christmas assembly was finished} - a little twinge in my heart happened and I realized just how perfect the moment was.

The closer and closer it gets to Christmas, the closer and closer we get to Little Lady's first birthday.  A day that - at one point - was never supposed to happen.  This life that we have, this perfection we experience every single day together, as a family - despite any bumps along the way - is more than I could have ever dreamed of and better than I could have ever hoped for.

As we enter this holiday season, all I can do is be so thankful and so grateful for every member of my family and everything that I have.

Happy Holidays, friends.

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