Monday, December 2, 2013

Birthday Party Planning - Woodland Style

Since the kids both have birthdays coming up {Little Lady right after Christmas and Little Man in the beginning of February}, I've been looking into a theme I could use for their joint {mid-January} birthday party.

I'm not a huge character or cartoon person, so I'd like to stay away from those sort of themes as long as the kids will allow me to do so.  After doing a Pinterest search, I found this image, and was smitten with the idea of a woodland themed party.

I mean, really - how cute is that leafy garland???
Since I know a bunch of my readers/friends have children with birthdays around the same time - I thought I'd share the general idea and where we're going with our theme, so here goes with what I've figured out so far:

Food - 

We'd love to go with a cake that looks like wood, and I think I could pull something off on my own that looks like this one below, as it doesn't look terribly labor intensive or super crafty.

As for the actual food, I'd love to have a spread of different berries and nuts, a pumpkin or cinnamon rolls, possibly some cupcakes {maybe along the same theme as the cake?}, apples, pears, and maybe some bruschetta?  I've seen some cute dill dips, so maybe pretzel stick "twigs" and dip with it.  We could also do something like a soup, rolled wraps, or even these antipasto skewers.

Decor -

In addition to the first photo of the leaf garland, I've come up with a few other decorations.  I want the feel to be woodsy - but again stay away from tons of cartoon characters {for a main reason I'll mention below}.  For starters I have a paper/tree crafty decoration idea in mind, but that will depend on time and level of difficulty.  I can't find any photos that outline what I want to do, so you all will just have to wait for that one until after the party if I actually pull it off!  I love the idea of using pine cones like in the picture below:

We don't have any trees that produce pine cones {only about a bazillion walnut balls that I'm too lazy to harvest}, but I think I have a few lying around from Christmas decorations that will probably be out right before the party anyway.  I also found a fantastic website and am probably going to use it to buy all.the.moss.  Yep.

Fun - 

Since there will be a bunch of littler ones at the party, my amazing friend MJ from Daisy & June is crafting us some amazing masks for the kids to be animals.  As I mentioned above, I'm not doing a lot of cartoony type animals in the decor as the kids will have masks and can play the animal they'd like.  A few of the ideas I've seen floating around for animal masks are these:

Additionally, I'd love to have some play stations for the kids.  Maybe a coloring station with crayons and coloring pages of woodland animals, or - if I'm really feeling crafty - having a birdhouse decoration station with paint/stickers/colors/etc., with something like these:  {*affiliate link}

Cute for the little ones to take home as a party favor, right?

I also have quite a few other ideas, such as t-shirts for both of the kids and a crown for Little Man/tutu and bow for Little Lady that meet the theme.  I'll have a little help from my super crafty and awesomely talented friends on that one - so stick around and I'll do an update on some of those items when I get them in!

Overall, I think it will be a great option for a co-ed, sibling, winter birthday party.  It's tough to fit all three of those categories together, but I think that this fits the bill well.  I already know Little Man is going to love running around in animal masks through a 'forest' - and since I told him about the party, he has already begun to tell me, "After Christmas, Mama - you will hang up leaves and then it will be my birthday?"  Too cute.  I'm fairly certain that Little Lady, who is turning the ripe age of one, won't have a clue what is going on at this party.  But, she'll look cute in her outfit and I'm positive she'll be happy once she sees there is food and cake.

Anyone else planning a themed birthday party for their little one{s} soon?  What theme are you doing or have recently done?

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  1. Lovely theme, I'd be careful with the skewers though! I was at a 2 year old's party a few weeks ago and all the kids were running around with sharp points!

    1. Oh, good call! I didn't even think about that!

  2. I think that's a great idea! I love natural themes. I totally want to make those masks! Haha.


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