Monday, November 11, 2013

Yep, I cut my hair. BANGS, people!

Every time I get my hair reallllly long - just like it is now ...

I cut it.

And then I end up hating it.

This time around, it got to the stage of really long hair right around the time that Little Lady decided ripping out every strand of my hair is her lifetime goal {right up there with getting to knock over the wipes container, lol}.  But I knew that if I were to cut it short like I have in the past, I would hate it.  So, I went with something just a little different.

hair cut with bangs
Hello, car selfie!
Initially, the stylist left much more length to the bangs than I had wanted - to the point that it bothered me to even open my eyes.  She recommended leaving the bangs longer, but since I figured they would grow quickly anyway - I asked to cut them just a bit shorter, and I'm glad I did!

It has taken a little bit of time to train over my part as well as my bangs, since I'm typically a side part kind of girl, but the stylist was really helpful at giving me some tips on how to blow dry {like brushing the bangs all the way to one side while blow drying and then repeating the opposite direction} that have really helped move my part and my bangs over a bit.

Did I mention I got this cut from a local, organic salon from a Groupon for $15?  Win.

hair cut bangs glasses

I've had some very interesting responses to the cut, though.  DH really doesn't like it, although he doesn't tend to like any hair style on me other than the long blonde hair I had when we first met.  One of my coworkers {who I've worked with for almost two years} had not a clue who I was and actually introduced herself to me.  Several of my other coworkers very obviously were staring at my forehead/bangs while talking to me, but didn't say anything.  {Side note, it's really awkward to talk to someone staring at your forehead.}  My mom didn't really say anything about the bangs and asked me if I'd dyed my hair differently, which I hadn't.  

Because DH isn't such a super fan, I probably won't be keeping these short babies for long - but I'm definitely enjoying them for right now!  And, I can still do a TON with them, like my favorite style ever - the face framing braids!

growing out bangs progression haircut beachy waves

Has anyone else done the thick bangs lately?  What do you all think?

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  1. I did thick bangs earlier this year. I have had bangs for years and years, but I always swept them to the side. I loved them; but my husband wasn't too much of a fan of them. But by the time he started coming around to them, I decided I was tired of them.
    The only thing I didn't like was I wear my hair in a pony tail a lot and I didn't think the bangs looked good with all my hair pulled back.

  2. Oh and you look great by the way!! :) Beautiful!

    1. Thank you!!! I actually feel like the way my bangs were cut - it almost looks nicer when my hair is up!

  3. I think the bangs look great! I usually wear my hair pretty long (although I've had it pretty short too) and I know that sometimes you just a change without having to chop off a lot of length. Bangs are a great way to do that! Plus, they grow out quickly if you decide you don't want them anymore.

  4. Love them! Makes me wish I was brave enough to do it to my hair. Seriously, so cute.

  5. I love your bangs. Husbands need to get over themselves. A woman who is confident in her looks feels sexy, that's all that matters. I died my hair dark for the frist time ever, I LOVE it and mostly everyone else does too, but I can tell hubs isn't a big fan, but I don't care I don't style myself for him, I do it for me!

  6. I did them once, it was fun but I'll never do them again! My hair just isn't thick enough for bangs. I did just get a hair cut and every time I do I regret it, I know I'm a mom... I just wish my haircut didn't give that fact away.

    1. Do you have a post about your new cut? You ALWAYS look gorgeous, so I'm sure you look wonderful with the new cut, but I feel you - I've had the mom cut before, only LONG before I had kids :)


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