Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tips & Tricks 40 - Keep that shower clean!

In the past, I hated cleaning our shower.


That's a pretty strong sentiment coming from me, seeing as I actually enjoy most cleaning.  But cleaning our shower was terrible.  Our bathroom is set up so that the shower, tub, and sink are set apart from the toilet, with a wall in between.  The vent fan in the bathroom sits above the toilet area, so when cleaning the shower, it feels like there is absolutely no ventilation.

Any time I used a typical shower cleaner, the smell of the chemicals got to me before I was even able to finish cleaning.  Also, because of the way our shower and doors come together, to clean the inside of the pan by the door - you actually have to be in the shower, increasing my likelihood that at some point during the cleaning process of me standing in whatever cleaning product I've just applied.

Instead of spending a bunch of money on healthier store-bought shower cleaner, I finally switched over into using a few Pinterest finds - and have loved the result!

The recipe I began to use is extremely simple.  Mix equal parts vinegar to Blue Dawn.  If you prefer less suds, increase your vinegar to three parts and your Dawn to one part.  That's it.

Now, the method you use does make a difference for your application of the cleaner.  You basically have two options - adding your mixture into a scrubber brush or putting your mixture into a spray bottle.

I initially began with the scrubber brush, but found very quickly that {since I used more vinegar} it had the tendency to run out of the brush before I was actually cleaning anything.  I found a tall cup and placed the brush {scrubber side up} for storage and if I needed to set it down during use, which fixed that issue.  The scrubber is excellent for an extremely dirty shower and worked so well on the difficult-to-clean water line in our tub.  I would highly recommend at least starting with the brush if your shower is in need of a little TLC.

Your second option is a spray bottle - and this is definitely what I'll use most of the time once we use up another spray bottle to have an empty.  The spray bottle option would work really well for daily, after-shower quick cleans in order to maintain the fresh and squeaky clean shower you've created after using your scrub brush.

As for use, DH & I have been scrubbing the shower down {and once we get the spray bottle we'll spray down} after the shower he or I takes at least 2-3 times per week.  He typically showers in the morning where I typically shower at night, so he just leaves the vinegar/Dawn solution to soak and dry - and then when I shower next I rinse it off.

So far, the vinegar and Dawn mixture has worked SO well at keeping our hard water shower super clean and for almost no work at all.  Best part about it for me?  The mixture doesn't smell and I'm not afraid to stand in the shower to clean it, even if I end up stepping in the cleaning solution as well.

How do you clean your shower?  Have you tried this method?

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  1. HI Jayne,
    My wife and I had the same problem and neither of us wanted to clean the shower especially after the kids had grottied it up. So because we had a chemical business and the products in the supermarkets were just 99% water and 1% luck, my wife insisted that I put my chemical brain into gear and develop a product that would eliminate shower cleaning & scrubbing. Well, after a year of formula's we eventually had a winner with a product called Crystal Clear Shower & Glass Treatment. This product is our own baby and it will coat your shower screen, frame and tiles and stop soap scum, scale and body fats from sticking to the pores of the glass.On our website we show you how to apply Crystal Clear Shower & Glass Treatment so easily and once you have applied it, it will stay on the surface for up to 1 year keeping your glass, frame & tiles looking like new. You can view our wonderful product at
    One bottle is enough for 2 whole std size showers.

  2. Jayne,

    I came across this post on Pinterest & finally gave it a try today after my cousin told me how well it worked out for her. I'm the happiest girl in the world right now! My tub has been a pain to clean for years even when I resorted to awful smelling chemicals, thanks for a great post :-)


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