Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tips & Tricks 39 - Handle those misplaced socks!

I'll admit it into the mic.

When it comes to matching socks - I have not been the most organized.  Heck, I'm not even sort of organized.  What typically has happened in our household is that I give up on the socks and dump them all onto a pile on DH's dresser or throw them into the kids' sock drawers.  But recently, DH got really tired of having to constantly haul a pile of socks into the bathroom each morning to find a match while still not trying to wake me or either of the little ones up in the process.  So, he decided to develop his own system.


Instead of the pile of socks on top of his dresser, he came up with a much better, much more organized system - for free.

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Since our bedside table drawers in the master bedroom tend to serve only the purpose of housing old magazines and {in my case} about 4,309,728 hair ties and hair pins, DH was able to easily clean out one of his two drawers only to house socks without partners.  Aw.  Poor socks.  

That way, we'll be able to dump all the old socks into the drawer and after a few washes when the pairs have likely made their way back up to the bedroom {let's all pray to the sock gods that none were eaten by the washing machine, which - you know - happens sometimes... to DH's dismay as he's fixing the washer for the 30th time}, we can pair them back up together.

The single sock drawer accomplishes a bunch of goals.  It gives the socks a place to reside until we can get them matched that doesn't look messy, it gives me a visual cue {when the drawer starts getting more full} of when I need to sit down and start re-pairing when I'm putting clothing away, and it's 100% completely free.

Now, you could accomplish the same result if you don't have extra space in your bedside table by simply buying a small basket to place on top of your dresser.  I'd wager this would work more if you have a taller dresser where no one could see your sock collection - and all they see is your pretty basket.  If you're thrifty, my friend Nicole has found some fantastic finds of small and large previously loved baskets at Goodwill in fantastic condition on the serious cheap.  You can check out a post of hers detailing painting her Goodwill basket finds here!

If you were wanting to spend just a bit more cash, you can always check out the slightly more creative sock storage system I found on Pinterest below:

Super cute, right?  That would look adorable sitting in your laundry room OR sitting on your dresser next to another glass container labeled belts, sunglasses, rolled up ties, hair ties, whatever!  Either way, making one simple an easy change to contain all of those random socks can make your home look and feel more organized and put together!

Where do you currently house your unpaired socks?  Do you have a system?

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  1. As a kid there was always a bag or pillow case hanging up in the laundry room. When the clothes were done being folded, we'd take the basked with left over socks back to the laundry room and throw the socks in the bag. When the bag was full we'd dump it out and try to pair some of the socks.


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